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"Dee gib me some'n' t' eat, an' I frought maybe dee'd take me 'long, but dis mornin' dee had a big powwow, an' dee shot me an' knock me in d' haid. Seems laike dee 's gwine t' buhn a big plantation t'-night." "A big plantation, Polete?" I asked. "Where? Tell me oh, you must tell me!" But his head had fallen back, and his eyes were closed. There was another burst of blood from his nose and mouth.

"Right ye are, shipmate," assented Chips; "'tis an aisy enough dose to take if all ye do is to throw th' critters to lor'ard. Sink me, though, if I sees th' benefit av a medicine ye fling to David Jones instead av placin' it to th' credit av yer own innerds." "Yah, yah, Mr. Chips, but you beats me. Yes, sah, you beats me, but yer haid is thick.

"Ef I des' tuhn my haid, sumpin' bound ter happen, 'n' happen dat minute! Dar now! You ain' hut er mite, honey, 'n' you's still got de goober fer de squirl. Come mek yo' manners to de gineral!" Released, the two went on. "Have you seen Edward?" "Yes. Three days ago pagan, insouciant, and happy! The men adore him. Fauquier is here to-day." "Oh! I have not seen him for so long "

Now, what would you do with her in a jail, Bucky?" he asked himself, in humorous dismay; but even as he reflected on it his roving eye fell on his friend. "The very thing. I'll take Curly Haid in to her and let them fall in love with each other. You're liable to be some busy, Bucky, and shy on leisure to entertain a lady, let alone two." And so he arranged it.

"My haid has been mighty crazy; and that little grandmother of yours yondeh, she but I can't just quite catch a-hold of these things" he passed a hand over his forehead "so many or else one right along well, it's all foolishness!" he concluded, with something almost savage in his tone. And after she had gone from the cabin he lay very still, looking at the miniature on the wall.

"Why, Colonel," began the black man eagerly, "it's de beatenist mystery dat ever was all 'bout a murdered jewelry lady, what's got her haid busted in with a big gold statue, an' a gold knife stab in her side, an' a watch shut up tight in her hand, tickin' an' tickin' an' tickin', laik it was her heart beatin', an' her cousin done find her in a pool of blood on de floor, an' de clocks all stopped, an' a rich young spendthrift comes in an' claims de dagger, an' de detectives "

"What's their game?" he asked swiftly, indicating the watching whispering group. "I had only a few words with Hardman. Your dad went out of his haid. Reckon he'd have done fer Hardman with his bare hands, if Purcell hadn't knocked him down with the butt of a gun." Again there was a violent leap of Pan's blood. It jerked his whole frame. "Blink, did that big brute?

"Why, the earth attracts the electric bolt, and that attraction is much stronger than any the Snowbird may have for the electricity in the clouds," Mark told him. "I don't know erbout dat," grumbled Wash. "An' if jest one o' dem crazy lightning bolts should take it into its haid ter segastuate eround disher flying merchine biff! bang! dat would be erbout all.

Dave's most friendly, impudent smile beamed upon the superintendent. "I thank you for the compliment, Mr. Elder. Honest, I didn't know how smart a haid I had in my hat till you told me." "It's good ye've got an air-tight alibi yoursilf, Dave," grinned Pat Ryan. "I've looked up his alibi. It will hold water," admitted Elder genially. "Well, Dingwell, if you won't talk, you won't.

The rebels listened with growing impatience to the words, and as Monty concluded with his best flourish they yelled angrily: "Heah, we told you no politics. Git back thar, now, quick, or we'll bust your haid with this heah rock."