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Good little Mistress Dolly brought the man down here no select addition to our society and we were doing our utmost to endure him, as the ladies say, for the very purpose . . . but the error stands committed! For the future, friend Disher will infallibly expect payments within the year. Credit for suppers is the guarantee of unlimited entertainments.

Law's, chillun, dem was times! You don't know nuthin' 'bout dem times. Disher house was full up all de time wid comp'ny; gran' comp'ny, what dress all de time in silk an' go walkin' 'bout under de trees an' ridin' 'bout over de prairie in de day time; and mos' every night dey call my ole man in to play de fiddle an' den, laws, how dem young folks dance!

'Mistress Dolly Disher and her husband, my father introduced them. She called him by one of his Christian names inadvertently at times.

Then up from a side gulch appeared twice as many other Indians, armed with spears and guns. Several shots were fired at the party approaching the town. "Lawsy-massy!" yelled Washington White. "Disher don't seem like de us'al 'Welcome to our City' warcry. Dem fellers don't want us nohow!" "Now we see just how popular we are with the natives of Alaska," said Jack. "What do you think of it, Mark?"

Dopples' cautions, and Ralph paused a moment before he asked: "Where can I find him?" "Yo' membah dat big liv'ry stable on de Main Street as we come erlong?" "Where there were so many wagons and carriages around?" "Yaas, suh. Dat's him. De cap'n he own um all. Disher team 'longs ter de cap'n too. Dey some says Hi yo! If he ain' a comin' right now! Oh, cap'n! Say yo' wanter see him, suh?"

"If the professor cannot explain it, don't expect me to do so," returned his chum. "It am de seriousest question dat has ebber come befo' us," declared Washington, looking wondrous wise. "Disher jumpin' has always been in ma fambly, howebber. We had some great jumpers down Souf befo' de War." The boys hurried to finish the repairs.

"Well, chillen, as I was sayin', disher Christmas I kin 'member lak' it was yestidy. My ol' mammy was de sho' 'nuff cook at de big house, an' Mars' Colby t'ought a heap ob her. But she done tuk down wid de mis'ry in her back jes' two days fore Christmas an' de big house full ob comp'ny! "Sech a gwine 'bout yuh nebber did see, w'en mammy say she couldn't cook de w'ite folkses' dinner.

An' ole Mas' an' ole Mis' an' all de young ladies an gentlemen use to come down to de cabins dey was all burnt up, time o' de war an' sakes, honey! de hosses an' de cayages an' de niggers an' disher big plantation, all shinin' wid corn an' cotton! Dem was times!"

Can't you fashion a harness and some kind of a cart for him so that we can take turns riding Dot and me? He used to draw Sam Pinkney." "Glo-ree!" grumbled the colored man again. "I kin see where I got my han's full wid disher goat I do!" "But you can, Uncle Rufus?" said Tess. "Oh, yes, chile. I s'pect so.

And then, suddenly, with no warning at all, the field will plunge forward break up, sink, grind itself to powder against these cliffs! And where will we be?" "My goodness gracious gollyation!" cried Washington White. "I wants to git out o' disher right away me an' Buttsy is ready ter go ter onct, an' no mistake!"