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So you wouldn't have lost her if I had not come." "You didn't knowin'ly git her in danger, and you did knowin'ly git her out, and that's enough for me," said the old man. "Well, well, Mr. Tuggar, if I had broken my neck it would have been a little thing compared with saving the life of such a woman as Miss Walton. Still, I fear the Lord has not much to do with me."

W'y, boy, I could beat the old judge out of a thousand dollars' worth of cattle and he'd never know it in a lifetime. Did ye ever live all alone out on a ranch for a month or so? Well, you know how lawless and pisen-mean a man can git, then, associatin' with himself.

And we can't afford to have the edge taken off by that Chinese image standin' around and makin' faces. I've been thinkin' of tellin' him so. But the trouble is with me that when I git to arguin' with a man I'm apt to forgit that I ain't on shipboard and talkin' to a tar-heel."

"If ye can git the bist of mesilf," said Terry, who was still sawing the air and hopping about as though the ground had become hot; "I'll think more of ye than iver before, bein' that I think more of ye now than I ever can, and I defy ye to sit your gun aside and git the bist of me in any way."

'I must really git some more knives an' forks next time I'm in Cobborah, she'd say. 'The children break an' lose 'em till I'm ashamed to ask Christians ter sit down ter the table. She had many Bush yarns, some of them very funny, some of them rather ghastly, but all interesting, and with a grim sort of humour about them. Poor woman! she seemed everlastingly nagging at the children.

And she sort o' screamed out, "Where would I git a coachman to drive for me or a butler?" "Drive yourself," sez I sternly, "and buttle too; if that is so, but I don't believe it." But she still looked most wild with excitement and horrow, and agin she sez, "It would take away every man in the world! and what would we do for men?" sez she.

"Woman!" he exclaimed, rising to his feet. "I don't want to hear all this. I didn't come here to be preached to about sich old-fashioned trash as the 'Lord's anointed! I came here to git ye to sign that paper, an' not to be preached to! Will ye sign it or will ye not?" "No, I shall not sign it!" was the quiet response. "Very well, then, that's all I want to know. But remember, Mrs.

"She didn't say anything about mother: Did she, Christine? Or, yes, she did, too. And I told her she couldn't git mother out. Don't you remember?" "I didn't pay much attention," said Christine. "I wasn't certain we wanted to go." "I reckon you wasn't goun' to let her see that we cared much," said Mela, half reproachful, half proud of this attitude of Christine.

She was heavy-footed, but entirely light-hearted when she came safely in at the gate of the Bassett place. "I've done extra for me," she said as she put away her old shawl and bonnet; "but I'm goin' to git the best supper Tobias's folks have eat for a year," and so she did.

"So I purposed long since, and wrote on to Washington for a commission; but the government seems to have forgotten me." "Dod rot the government! git a commission for yourself." "How?" I asked. "Jine us, an' be illected thet's how." This had crossed my mind before; but, believing myself a stranger among these volunteers, I had given up the idea.

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