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Every mite of stuff was loaded into wagons and hauled off with 'em. They never expected to come back." "That camp ground don't look as it'd bin occupied for two weeks," said Shorty. "See the ruts made by the rain in the parade ground and the general look o' things. I don't believe the rijimint only left there yisterday. It don't look as if the 200th Injianny ever had sich a camp.

Vich I means to say is coming it a bit low down on me, sir, sich conduct ain't 'ardly fair, for V'istlin' Dick vos a werry promising cove as Capitals go. And now to see 'im cut off afore 'is time, and in such a outrageous, onnat'ral manner, touches me up, Mr. Barty, sir, touches me up werry sharp it do!

The old man's face wrinkled into a smile, the first she had seen upon it. Really! He was not a bad looking man, after all. "You fond of posies, sissy?" he asked. "Indeed I am!" she cried. "There's a-plenty in the swamp," he told her. "And no end of ferns and sich. You come see us and my old woman'll show ye. She's a master hand at huntin' up all kind o' weeds I tell her."

"I'll buy flour, an' bacon, an' somethin' for mother an' Margie with the balance." "Do you mean to tell me your father was sich a tenderfoot as to come down through this way without any outfit?" Robinson asked sternly. "He had plenty at the time we started; but you see we struck bad luck all the way along, and when we pulled into Buffalo Meadows we had cooked the last pound of flour.

"Don't I love all dagos?" asked Monkey. "Sich a pretty little way with 'em they got. Same as a baa-lamb in the meadow 'mong the buttercups." "Then now I'll tell you something for yourself," said Joses. "He loves all the English owners, jockeys, and crowd. But he loves you best." "Never!" cried Monkey, greatly moved. "Then I'm the man what won the Greaser's Heart. It's too much."

So I would ef it hadn't 'a ben fer you, but you give me this little ban', Miss Amy, an' looked at me as if I wa'n't a beast, an' it's ben a liftin' me up ever sence. Oh, I've had good folks talk at me an' lecter, an' I ben in jail, but it all on'y made me mad. The best on 'em wouldn't 'a teched me no more than they would a rattler, sich as we killed on the mountain.

That was what Doc was waitin' for, and he popped right up. "'I should like to talk to Bacon, he says. "'Bacon? says Moller. 'There's a good many Bacons in spirit-land. Which one do you want to speak to, brother?" "'The one that lived when Shakespeare did, says Doc. 'The one that wrote the essays and sich. Sir Francis Bacon. "'Ah, yes! says Moller.

"This much I am willing enough to believe; but the other doctrine seems contrary to what is possible." "Yet you have seen, sir, that these apostles believed what you refuse. One thing has crossed my mind, Captain Gar'ner, which I wish to say to you. I know I'm but an ignorant man, and my idees may be hardly worth your notice; but sich as they be, I want to lay 'em afore you.

Thattle skewer the white squatter and Nigger vote." The next clause there was only a line or two besides brought an audible exclamation from the reader: "Lassly faw evvy sich school house so bilt the sed Co. Limited shell pay a sum not less than its cost to some white male college in the three counties older then the sed Company Limited." John marvelled.

"'No you won't, my fine coves, replied the captain. 'You'll go back to Hobarton, and join your ship if you have one, which I don't believe. You can't humbug an old salt like me. You are a pair of runaway convicts, and I'll give you in charge as sich. Here, constables, put the darbies on 'em, and take 'em back to Hobarton.