It is true that my eldest son was a friar, and when the convents were suppressed betook himself to the royal ranks, in which he has been fighting upwards of three years; could I help that? Nor was it my fault, I trow, that my second son enlisted the other day with Gomez and the royalists when they entered Cordova. God prosper him, I say; but I did not bid him go!

Montgomery who had reigned on Rincon Hill twenty years ago, and a cousin of the Helena Belmont who had been the greatest belle the city had seen since that earlier time when Nina Randolph, Guadalupe Hathaway, Mrs. Hunt McLane, and "The Three Macs" had made history for themselves in spite of the momentous era of which they were so unheeding a part.

To add to the means of transport the whole army were set to work, and, assisted by the natives, the soldiers cut down trees, and, hollowing them out roughly, formed canoes capable of carrying two or three men.

Cullen, you look awfully hungry; I'd better set you at the ham first, or you'll make terrible work at the half bird for a half is all there is for the three of us. Well, Judy, let's have the stew."

As she neared the little landing stage, a boat approached it, containing Buntingford, and two or three of his guests. "Hullo, Helena, what have you done with Geoffrey?" She explained. "We were just coming down for a row." "All right. I'll take you on till he comes. Jump in!" She obeyed, and they were soon halfway towards the further side.

"Well, sir," said Henry, "you have given me a good lesson; now take a hint from me; just you go and do all this before the public; for I never saw you do any thing half as droll." They all three shook their heads with one accord. Go out of the beaten track, before an audience? Never. Such vagaries were only admissible in private. After this second day the fee was reduced to a gallon of ale.

A little baffled and even disappointed to find the words in that which she regarded as the least authentic of the gospels, she still resolved to read the account; she read it, indeed, in two or three translations, and compared each closely with the others, but in all the words stood out in uncompromising greatness of assertion.

Three o'clock seemed such a long time coming you know how slow it can be. But at half-past two nurse took them up to dress. I ought to explain about this frock. One of her aunties sent it to her on her last birthday. It was quite the most beautiful little dress you ever saw thick white silk embroidered with daisies. Isabel loved it dearly, but was only allowed to wear it on very great occasions.

The city, which for three hours had been a wild scene of terror, havoc, bloodshed, and death, resounded now at the hour of mid-day with cheers and exultation; nothing was heard but hurrahs, songs, and cheers for the Emperor Francis and the beloved Tyrol. Every minute added to the universal joy.

As regards interference from the Legation of Teheran, thank goodness I am now three hundred miles from the nearest telegraph-pole, and shall enter Afghanistan at a point so much nearer to Quetta than to the Boundary Commission Camp that the chances seem all in favor of reaching the former place if I only succeed in reaching the Dasht-i-na-oomid and the Harood.