The old man's relief at finding the children safe was so great that he was really talking a string of nonsense to hide his feelings. But Stella, though she realized the girls were all right, could not control her own emotions so easily, and was still crying vociferously. "For goodness' sake!" exclaimed Molly, "what IS the matter with Stella? Doesn't she want to go boating?"

Paul himself specially recognises this when he says that without law there is no sin. The Goodness, then, brought into the world by Christ, did not create sin but made it manifest, and gave it the appearance of reality under our present conditions of life and thought.

"Say it not," cried he, "I conjure you! we shall yet live, I hope, to prove the contrary." "And can you, then," cried she, reproachfully, "Oh Mr Delvile! can you again urge me to enter your family in secret?" "I grieve, indeed," he answered, "that your goodness should so severely be tried; yet did you not condescend to commit the arbitration to my mother?"

Melvil, having signified his request, "Young gentleman," said the Israelite, with a most discordant voice, "what in the name of goodness could induce you to come to me upon such an errand? Did you ever hear that I lent money to strangers without security?"

They used to sing to some of them at night, give toys to little ones and thus coax every one to make them take medicine. I admired the kindness and goodness that all the medical workers with whom I came in contact possessed. As medical work began to interest me, I used to read magazines about medical work.

'But why should any man go through life doing good to others, and never getting thanks or praise for his goodness, said Ida. 'It is a most unpleasant form of misanthropy. I feel quite uncomfortable under the burden of my obligations to Mr. Jack; and though I have made every effort to put myself in communication with him, through Mr.

If your sister hath received any letters from you she hath kept them a secret, and perhaps out of affection to you hath reposited them in the same place where she keeps her goodness, and, what I am afraid is much dearer to her, her money.

Let us forgive and forget; but if we cannot forget let us at least forgive. And so let there be peace between man and man at Christmas a truce of God. Let us pray that Love shall come as a little child to our households. That He shall be in our hearts and shall find His expression in all that we do or say on this birthday of goodness and cheer for the world.

However, when the priest had told him of his conversation with Benedetta, and of her message that she still loved him and would never forget his goodness to her, no matter whatever happened, he appeared moved and his voice trembled: "Yes, she has a good heart, she has no spite. But what would you have? She did not love Luigi, and he was possibly violent.

He's the stuff for a sea-captain, afraid neither of wind nor weather nor the face of clay can sail a ship and choose her cargo. He's none of your coxcombs that go courting across the way: he's a man into the core of his heart, and as well bred as any gentleman that walks; though Goodness knows how he came by it." "Well, what do you say to it? I don't find the flaw in him.