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But we rode more easily now, and had ceased to glance over our shoulders, for Waterloo was more than thirty miles behind us. One of the Emperor's carriages had been picked up at Charleroi, and we halted now on the other side of the Sambre, and dismounted from our horses.

Although the social utility of customs, taken generally, is easily apparent, yet there are many customs which seem inexplicable upon such a principle. That their adoption was not without its reason, we may assume. That the reason was a reasonable one cannot be maintained. It seems probable, however, that it at some time seemed reasonable to some one.

Now, Sir, that respect for authority is much more easily granted to a man whose father has had it, than to an upstart, and so Society is more easily supported. BOSWELL. 'At present, Sir, I think riches seem to gain most respect. JOHNSON. 'No, Sir, riches do not gain hearty respect; they only procure external attention.

"There may be exceptions, but such I believe to be the common fate of humanity. The moment a duty is created, a disposition to think it easily discharged follows; and of all sentiments, that of a continued and exacting gratitude is the most oppressive. I fear more brothers are aided, through family pride, than through natural affection."

For it was impossible, as you will easily guess, that the two children should keep the ugly swarm in their own little cottage.

However it may come about whether she is to blame, or you her case is without doubt worse than yours. Your giving up Mr. Wildeve will be a real advantage to you, for how could you marry him? Now she cannot get off so easily everybody will blame her if she loses him. Then I ask you not because her right is best, but because her situation is worst to give him up to her."

It be dead ahead, so we may keep straight on." In five minutes after, they were alongside the cask, easily recognised by its rope lashings, as one of those they had left attached to the raft.

Her step was so light, and he was so deep to his music, that he did not hear it.... She had been listening doubtless for some time before he had seen her. He spoke very little French, and she very little English, but he easily understood that she wished him to go on playing. A little later her father and mother had come through the trees; she had held up her hand, bidding them be silent.

He had neither talent nor skill to make his way easily, he could neither be commonplace nor wicked, he expected so much that he got nothing. When he had sunk to his former poverty, when he was without food or shelter and ready to die of hunger, he remembered his benefactor.

In putting on the bandage the heel may be left uncovered; after leaving the foot a turn of the bandage will be taken around the ankle and thence applied upward. A flannel bandage may be easily made at home. Bias strips are cut about three inches in width and sewed together end to end so that the joining will lie flat.