It was a few days after he had helped the lost chipmunk find her way back home, and he had given her the lost penny which he had also picked up. "Oh, dear me!" exclaimed Uncle Wiggily, as he thought of the penny. "That's generally the way it is in this world. Nothing seems to go right.

She gasped her admiration and astonishment; mustang he might be, but the short line of the back above and the long line below, the deep set of the shoulders, the length of neck, the Arab perfection of head, would have allowed him to pass unquestioned muster among a group of thoroughbreds, and a picked group at that.

"You have had a sleep!" she said. "It's time to open your eyes! We're at Thwaite Station and we've got a long drive before us." Mary stood up and tried to keep her eyes open while Mrs. Medlock collected her parcels. The little girl did not offer to help her, because in India native servants always picked up or carried things and it seemed quite proper that other people should wait on one.

The string which held his water-bottle had broken, and the gourd lay beyond his reach. The man glared like a wild beast when Harry picked it up, and clutched at his waist-band, but there was no weapon in it.

I think I lived seventy years in five minutes, while the other eleven orderlies were reporting, and when the order came to return to our posts, I whispered to the next orderly to me, and told him if he would pick up my carbine and bring it along, I would die for him, and he picked it up.

She conquered her hesitation opened it read it. The color left her face: she shuddered. The telegram dropped on the grass. "Read it," she said, faintly, as Alban picked it up. He read these words: "Come to London directly. Miss Letitia is dangerously ill." "Your aunt?" he asked. "Yes my aunt."

There were no indications that his cry had been heard by those on board the steamboat. He tried it again, but with no better success than before. "I have simply got to keep on yelling my lungs out until I attract their attention. I am afraid I shall never reach shore unless I am picked up. I might be able to keep afloat until daylight, but I doubt it.

You look like a child from school, and you talk like some quaint little book I might have picked up on the quais. What does it all mean?" At the perplexity of the tone Max laughed. "Very little, mon ami! I am no philosopher; but about this love, I have thought a little, and have gained to a conclusion. It is like this! Light love is desire of pleasure; great love is fear of being alone."

Wednesday, September 23rd. Refitting the fore-topmasts. Some twenty men still absent. A few are picked up by the Simon's Town police for the sake of the reward. And the sailor-landlords, those pests of all sea-ports, are coming on board and presenting bills for board, &c. Of course these claims are not listened to.

He started when he saw Wenlock. "Why, my friend!" he exclaimed, "I little expected ever to see you again!" "Nor I you, Sir Richard. I thought you had perished on the fatal day when the Royal James blew up." "No; thanks to you, my life was spared; for after we were parted, I was picked up by an English boat."