But the next moment she heard the door close softly, and knew that he had gone. She lay quite still thereafter, her heart fluttering too much for speech. What would he say to her, she wondered; how would he break his silence? She had no weapon to oppose against his anger. She was as powerless before it as Beelzebub had been. Suddenly he moved.

But her distrust of her parents' interference was greater than any fear of horse-stealers. "She's mighty uneasy in the barn; and," she added, with a proud consciousness of that beautiful yet carnal weapon upstairs, "I reckon I ken protect her and myself agin any Mexican horse-thieves." "My! but we're gettin' high and mighty," responded Mrs. Foster, with deep irony.

None the less, the submarine, used ruthlessly, without restrictions, proved itself to be an unrivalled weapon of destruction, difficult to combat by reason of its ability to stalk and surprise its quarry, while remaining to all intents and purposes invisible.

A colored man with a bayonet had every recruit's breast at the point of his weapon, three soldiers surrounded me, and one run his bayonet through the breast of my coat and out under my arm, and held me on my tip-toes, and I was powerless, except with my mouth.

Missing my staff, which I had thrown away in my haste, I cut myself a large hazel switch from a copse by the roadside, promising myself a stouter weapon when I should arrive at a town. My heart was light: had I not begun to pay Dick Cludde interest on his crown piece?

But I heard Wolfgar say swiftly: "We're trapped! You, of all of us you Georg Brende, must escape." The rest of his words to Georg I did not catch. He was thrusting a weapon into Georg's hands; and giving hurried advice and explanations.

O foremost one of Yadu's race, in exchange for that celestial weapon, give me thy discus which is capable of slaying all foes in battle."

A metal end or shoe covers the butt end of the weapon, thus converting it into an excellent staff for mountain climbing. Occasionally a hunting spear is fitted with a detachable head, which will pull out of the socket when an animal is struck.

Kate had luckily at the moment been in her room and had not seen her father. She was still in her bed and was ill; but during the scene that occurred afterwards she roused herself. But Mrs. O'Hara, even in the priest's presence, had at once seized the weapon from the drawer, showing that she was prepared even for murder, had murder been found necessary by her for her relief.

"After dinner he strolled out alone, and went a mile or so into the wood; and as he walked, he thought he saw three men among the trees; and one levelled a gun at him. He had no weapon, and he started at a run back towards the house. But one of them fired, and he was hit, and had much ado to reach here before he fainted. By good luck, they feared to pursue him nearer the house."