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But, come," he broke off, "let us go in. Thank goodness, Adrien arrives to-day." "To-day?" repeated Lady Constance, a delicate flush rising to her sweet face. "I thought he was not going to arrive until the morning of the race." "The race is to-morrow, but he comes to-day," answered Lord Barminster.

"If the Presence continues to follow this path he will arrive. It is not far. They wait for him." That was all. It left me with a desire to see the veiled face. We passed on and Ali Khan looked fearfully back. "Ajaib! "What would she be doing up here in the heights? I turned with some curiosity as he spoke, and lo! there was no human being in sight.

No matter through what realms of the fantastic you may travel, you arrive inevitably at the commonplace. I answered Judith's letter. After the long silence it seemed, at first, strange to write to her; but soon I found myself opening my heart as I had never done before to man or woman.

When we arrive among the higher orders of the Vertebrates, we find in some species that each individual is capable of some modification of its actions, according to the particular circumstances in which it finds itself placed.

Adventurers continued to arrive at San Francisco from all parts of the world; and several persons, who were reported to be laden down with gold, were anxious to return to the United States, but could not very readily find a conveyance, as the sailors deserted the ships immediately on their arrival in port.

Claire ran upstairs to get ready, in a panic lest she might arrive at Sophie's lodgings to find she had already gone out for the afternoon. Cecil had hinted that she might not return until late, and suddenly it seemed unbearable to spend the rest of the day in solitude.

There was not much left in it. "Very well, then we'll tie it up in God's name, and pray that, you may arrive safely wherever you decide to go!" Lasse tied up the sack; he was anything but happy. "You must say good-bye nicely to every one on the farm, so that they won't have anything to scratch my eyes out for afterward," said Lasse after a little.

Nothing in all the world would make me wait here until to-morrow, so please, dear, do not hinder me now. I know it is impossible for you to come with me, but I will telegraph the moment I arrive, and if if there is still time, you can follow then." "But you can't travel alone! Edward would not like it. He is so particular. How can you manage about the trains?" "Listen! I have thought of that too.

"Do you know that we are to have a rehearsal of The Princess to-night? If you are as ill as you look now, you can't be present." "I will be present. Do you think I can't force myself to do what is necessary?" "Oh, I am well acquainted with the owner of your will," answered Nancy with a laugh. "Well, good-by, dear, I am off. You may expect the carriage to arrive in half an hour."

I followed the thing right up: "If the king does not arrive, I will have myself ridden on a rail: if he does I will ride you on a rail instead." Next day I went up to the telephone office and found that the king had passed through two towns that were on the line. I spotted his progress on the succeeding day in the same way. I kept these matters to myself.