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We pursued our course for many miles amidst the grandest scenery, changing like a panorama, at every point of land round which the vessel wound, and amidst the most profound silence, which is a peculiarity of these fiords. Ever and anon the gulls, in flocks of thousands, would soar into the air, only the flapping of their wings echoing through these silent mountains.

She turned her face away, sighed, and forgetful of my presence lapsed into silence. I knew she was thinking of herself. Love, not friendship love, for anyone knowing her must give her love and respect, but the other sort of love had passed her by.

"I think," proceeded Tressilian, after a minute's silence, "thou wert in those days a jovial fellow, who could keep a company merry by song, and tale, and rebeck, as well as by thy juggling tricks why do I find thee a laborious handicraftsman, plying thy trade in so melancholy a dwelling and under such extraordinary circumstances?"

"He never changed the direction of his gaze, which was the bleakest I have ever seen in a man's face, nor did he move an eyelid. He took a cigarette from his case and lighted it. Captain Bentley made a nasty sound in his throat and spat overboard. That was all; that and the silence. "She turned away and started to walk firmly down the deck.

The whole woodland is begirt with thundering surges. The silence that immediately surrounds you where you stand is not so much broken as it is haunted by this distant, circling rumour.

She cried out incredulously, "And you and mother are going away to California to live! And leave me here all alone!" "All alone with the whole of your own life," thought Portia, but didn't say it. "I can't realize it at all," Rose went on after a little silence. "It doesn't seem possible. Do you believe the specialist is right?

Banneker started, at this ready application of his words to the problem which was already outlining itself by small, daily limnings in his mind. "To write for others what you think for yourself?" pursued the editor, giving sharpness and definition to the outline. "Or," concluded Mr. Gaines, as his hearer preserved silence, "eventually to write for others what they think for themselves?"

Fauntleroy thought the Earl's foot must be hurting him, his brows knitted themselves together so, as he looked out at the park; and thinking this, the considerate little fellow tried not to disturb him, and enjoyed the trees and the ferns and the deer in silence. But at last the carriage, having passed the gates and bowled through the green lanes for a short distance, stopped.

I call on both for a speech." Lottie, blushing and laughing, declared that she was one who believed "that a woman should keep silence in meeting," and requested Hemstead to answer for both. "Miss Marsden does not need words," said Hemstead. "She has a better kind of eloquence, and speaks to us through good and kindly deeds. My part in the happy results of this evening is slight.

Throwing himself on his horse, he made a sign, with the air of a prince to his followers, to imitate his example, interrupting, without ceremony, the war songs and solemn rites by which many among them were stimulating their spirits to deeds of daring. When all were in order, the whole moved with great steadiness and silence towards the margin of the river.