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With Tharagavverug the end was coming fast, and in the afternoon his breath came hoarsely, rasping in his throat.

We have a keg full for our own use, and what more do you desire?" "I have a great reluctance to waking up and finding a knife held at my throat," I replied, "by some gentleman who has more courage than money. We have a pretty establishment here, and many a bushranger would be glad to relieve us of our property without asking permission."

By quickly raising the tongue toward the back, it is taken out of the way of the larynx, and the mass of the tongue is cleared from the throat.

As it is, you are true only on your middle plane. Your outlines are false; they do not round upon themselves; they suggest nothing behind them. There is truth here," said the old man, pointing to the bosom of the saint; "and here," showing the spot where the shoulder ended against the background; "but there," he added, returning to the throat, "it is all false.

When she saw Virginie fall she hastened forward, and tried to pull Gervaise away by her skirt, repeating the while, "Come now, go home! Be reasonable. On my word, it's quite upset me. Never was such a butchery seen before." But she had to draw back and seek refuge again between the two tubs, with the children. Virginie had just flown at Gervaise's throat.

She did not think much of it, but sent for a cup of tea. When it came, she was standing before the fireplace, undoing her hair; but, instead of taking it, she suddenly raised her hand to her throat, uttered a hoarse sound, and fell back. They raised her up. In an instant the whole house was alive. They sent for the doctors. All was in vain.

It was said that before this wound Flint had been merely an ordinary sailor, but that afterward he was inspired to live up to the terror of his deformed face. Sam Hall, the "corner post," at Flint's right, was a type of blond stupidity, huge of body, with a bull throat and a round, featureless face.

James Smith! The quadroon's iron nature resisted the shock of his unexpected presence on the scene with a steadiness that was nothing short of marvelous. Her thin lips closed together convulsively, and there was a slight movement in the muscles of her throat. But not a word, not a sign betrayed her. Even the yellow tinge of her complexion remained unchanged.

The bows at his throat and knees were of colored seaweeds, woven into broad ribbons. His hair was yellow and banged across his forehead. His eyes were large and dark, with a pleasant, merry sparkle in them.

He tried with all his strength to lift his glass and command his nerves enough to hold it steady. But the glass had a regular tremulous movement from right to left and left to right again, in spite of all his efforts. Then he emptied it down his throat, saying that when he had swallowed a dozen more he would be all right and as steady as a monument.