"Why, what has come over you, old man?" queried the artist, stopping to take a critical look at his comrade. "Do you want to get out of it? It's my impression that you haven't taken sulphur water enough." On Monday morning there was a general clearing out. The platform at the station was crowded. The palace-cars for New York, for Niagara, for Albany, for the West, were overflowing.

As she stood there at the gate, her thick black silk skirt trailing a little, a large fleecy white shawl thrown round her head and shoulders her bright dark eyes glancing out all the darker and brighter from the contrast with her snowy hair and draperies she looked both striking and stately. Not a person to take liberties with, assuredly. Phebe shook in her shoes.

It contained little in the way of ornament or comfort a solid writing-desk with a hard chair, an easy-chair by the fireplace, a sofa against the wall, a map of London and a picture or two, a shelf of old books, a collection of walking-sticks, and umbrellas: these made up all there was to see. And upon examination the desk yielded next to nothing.

'I can't imagine how a person who has seen a ghost could ever speak of it, said Amy. 'Did you not tell us a story of pixies at Redclyffe? said Laura. 'O yes; the people there believe in them firmly. Jonas Ledbury heard them laughing one night when he could not get the gate open, said Guy. 'Ah! You are the authority for ghosts, said Philip.

Besides the peach-tree and the pet deer there was only one other thing that my boy could remember, or seem to remember, of the few years before he came to the Boy's Town.

There was no word of reproach, still less the harsh arraignment and condemnation to which he began to look forward on the day when Doctor Tollivar had announced his purpose of writing the facts to his brother in the faith.

We have all conducted discussions with middle-aged people, overpowered them with our reasons, forced them to admit our contention, and a week later found them back as secure and constant in their old opinion as if they had never conversed with us at all. We call them old fogies; but there are young fogies, too. Old fogyism begins at a younger age than we think.

Invariably she talked as though she would willingly present them to anybody who cared to accept "and glad to be rid of 'em!" Most owners of property talk thus. She particularly hated paying the rates on them. Now there had recently occurred, under the direction of the Borough Surveyor, a revaluation of the whole town.

Here the husband, bidding a final adieu to his expiring family, envied them that fate which, he himself expected so soon to share: there the son, having long supported his aged parent, with reluctance obeyed his last commands, and, abandoning him in this uttermost distress, reserved himself to the hopes of avenging that death which all his efforts could not prevent nor delay.

He pointed to a gravel-walk beyond us, bathed in the full flood of the moonlight. "There," he said, "where we can see all round us, and be sure that nobody is listening. At ten o'clock." He paused, and addressed himself to me. "I beg to apologize, sir, for intruding myself on your conversation. Please to excuse me." His eyes rested with a last anxious, pleading look on Naomi's face.