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And taking courage, he said again, "If ye can, and have received power against me, delay not, but attack; but if ye cannot, why do ye disturb me in vain? For a seal to us and a wall of safety is our faith in the Lord." The daemons, having made many efforts, gnashed their teeth at him, because he rather mocked at them, than they at him.

This epistle he was careful to enclose in another envelope, which he directed to Justice Coston, with instructions to forward it with "the least possible delay" to Mr.

"I thought so," said Will, smiling; "we have been comrades together too long to part yet. But I must start without delay, and mean to go by the plains and across the Rocky Mountains. Are you ready to set off on short notice?" "In half an hour av ye plaze, sur," said Larry. Bunco grinned and nodded his head.

It is to do nothing we make delay," said Amalia, anxiously. "I told Decker to send word to the cashier to be there, as a deposit is to be made. If he can't be there for that, then it's his own fault if to-morrow finds him unprepared." Larry stepped out to meet Richard and introduced Amalia. He had already told Richard a little of her history, and now he gave her her own name, Manovska.

But reverently believing in her father's sound judgment and knowledge, as good girls are wont to do, she remembered what he had written about her giving a hint to Winterborne lest there should be risk in delay, and her feelings were not averse to such a step, so far as it could be done without danger at this early stage of the proceedings.

A few days after that Ralph went to Sir Thomas, with the object of declaring his decision; at least Sir Thomas understood that such was to be the purport of the visit. According to his ideas there had been quite enough of delay.

"Oh! . . . And the idea that perhaps Mrs. Fosdick and I might be slightly interested didn't occur to you?" "Why, yes, sir, it did. But, but we thought it best not to tell you until later." "Perhaps the suspicion that we might not be overjoyed by the news had a little weight with you, eh? Possibly that helped to delay the er announcement?" "No, sir, I I don't think it did." "Oh, don't you!

My leisure was employed in surveying these objects, and in listening for the approach of Miss Hetty. Some minutes elapsed, and no one came. A reason for delay was easily imagined, and I summoned patience to wait.

She did not however put this project into execution until the next year: but, alas! the delay was not favorable to me in anything. I passed the autumn in an employment no person would suspect me of undertaking: this was guarding the fruit of M. d'Epinay.

But in spite of his determination to unbosom himself without further delay, he knew that a kind of fascinated resignation was growing upon him and gaining firmer hold each minute. Something must be done to break the spell and burst the toils which were being woven round him before all effort became impossible.