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I must have looked in the glass to array myself as I did; but the mind's eye was the seeing eye, and it was filled with this frightful vision of the notorious pugilist known to fame and infamy as Barney Maguire. It was only the week before that Raffles and I had been introduced to him at the Imperial Boxing Club.

And indeed it was only the doctrine of SUBSTANTIAL FORMS, and the confidence of mistaken pretenders to a knowledge that they had not, which first coined and then introduced animalitas and humanitas, and the like; which yet went very little further than their own Schools, and could never get to be current amongst understanding men.

His pulse is shaking his fingers. The man introduced himself as the head of the Central Southern Syndicate and 'one of the most ardent admirers of your work, Mr. Heldar. I assure you, in the name of the syndicate, that we are immensely indebted to you; and I trust, Mr.

He does not look happy, but of course that can't be because he doesn't know the lesson. Timothy not know a lesson indeed! "Timothy," says the master, "tell me in whose reign the Reformation was introduced into England, will you?" "James the First," replies Timothy. "Next boy?" "Henry the Eighth." "Right; go up." "Oh, sir," says Timothy, "that's what I meant; I mistook the name for a moment!"

On the eve of Ascension Day M. Manzoni introduced me to a young courtesan, who was at that time in great repute at Venice, and was nick-named Cavamacchia, because her father had been a scourer.

The elder ladies came in now, and there was a fresh stir. Mrs. Laval introduced Matilda to several boys and girls in the company before many minutes had gone; but there was time for little else beside an introduction, for the boys were ready to play; and all the guests were assembled in one room to leave the other free for their operations and give a good view of them.

In that light we are disentombed: we cast off the confinements of the black space through which we have passed, and we are instantly introduced to a scene so luminous and majestic that in a moment our trembling eyes are captivated and our hearts lifted in unutterable worship of the Creator's works.

He forbade his disciples to offer victims to the gods, ordering them to worship only at those altars which were unstained with blood. Pythagoras was the first person who introduced measures and weights among the Greeks. But it is his philosophy which chiefly claims our attention.

He, at least, had the look. "My name," he introduced himself, "is Drummond." Drummond paused and glanced about as if to make sure that he could by no possibility be overheard. "I have called," he continued, "on a rather delicate matter." He paused for effect, then went on: "Some time ago I was employed by Mr. Douglas to er to watch his wife."

The hands of the persons introduced had to be hidden in their sleeves so long as their audience lasted. In crossing the Palace Courts it was necessary to abstain carefully from touching the carpet which was laid for the king to walk on.