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Her bearing now underwent a change; she was no longer merely a woman thirsting for revenge, but also a tender, loving woman; she was no longer merely filled with hatred, but she also seemed susceptible of gentler emotions; she lowered her eyes before Bonnier's ardent glances and blushed.

This she would not do, however, at such a moment, without returning all the proofs of ardent affection that were lavished on her own hand, by giving a gentle pressure to the one in which it was clasped. "This is so strange, Maud! so every way extraordinary, that I know not what to think," the young man whispered soon as he could get a glimpse of the face of the sweet girl.

Ah! he will dart a spark of ardent flame, And clasp his tremulous hands, and Woman name. Peruse the sacred volume. Him who died Her kiss betrayed not, nor her tongue denied; While even the apostles left Him to His doom, She lingered round His cross and watched His tomb." How precious is such sympathy in her who is to be the solace, because the helpmeet, of man!

But surely the futile desire, the vain glare, of the day will grow dim and go out, and there will be forever more the restful feeling of a great night of love. Thus does the woman's heart in my ardent breast feel, when I am allowed to be as I am. It longs only for your longing, and is peaceful where you find peace.

It will not be amiss to examine that advocacy. The "intellectual" whose name appears at the foot of woman's suffrage petitions will, when you have him by himself, very often Make confession: "Woman suffrage," he will tell you, "is not the grave and important cause which the ardent female suffragist deems it to be.

This fact is explained by the circumstance that the Giraffe has an ardent affection for its Arabian keeper, and that it naturally is delighted with the sight of the turban and the costume of its keeper. Some authors have proved the mildness and docility of the camelopard, while others represent it as incapable of being tamed.

In the long and pathetic story, "The Life of a Priest," we are shown the disturbance of the religious feelings of a country priest who, although he has an ardent and strong soul, is crushed by his moral isolation among the ignorant people of a miserable village. It is again this moral isolation that is analyzed in "Silence," in which story it is the cause of a domestic tragedy.

To proceed of all people, none are so naturally absentees as the Irish; in fact, it would seem that one great feature of our patriotism consists in the desire to display, in other lands, the ardent attachment we bear our own. How can we tell Frenchmen, Italians, Germans, Russians, Swedes, and Swiss, how devoted we are to the country of our birth, if we do not go abroad to do so?

His eyes were blazing, but they stared as if a great and prophetic panorama had risen in this silent wood, where the long faded moss hung as motionless as if by those quiet waters that even the most ardent must cross in his time.

I found myself rehearsing to myself the incidents of their last-seen bout, anticipating the next, longing for it: though I never had rated myself as ardent over gladiatorial games, but rather as lukewarm towards them, and considered myself much more interested in paintings, statuary, reliefs, ornaments, bric-a-brac, furniture, fine fabrics and all artistries and artisanries.