Tell them to watch for you. Red and blue. Two short red flashes, a long blue." "Right, Chief. I'm here at Spawn's, cutting off." "Come back on when you can." His voice went anxious again. "I'll wait here." "All right." I cut silent. I ran through the front doorway of Spawn's inn. The living room was dim and empty. Which way was Jetta's room? I could only guess.

THE night, so precious in its silence, solitude, and darkness, was waning fast; soon the first dim approaches of day would be visible; soon the streets would become alive and people be about. But there was still some time at Mr. Rassendyll's disposal, and he could not spend it better than in pursuing his fight with Bauer.

It was growing dim over the forest when Jimmie gained the position he sought, and there were lights in the launch down in a little bay and lights in the camp halfway up the hill.

These massive moss-grown arches and mighty iron-clamped doors were, indeed, like the dim shadowy background of a vision; but the guttering taper, my sodden bundle, and all the sordid details of my disarranged toilet assured me only too clearly of their reality.

"I said I thought you were the perfect knight." "Oh, ah!" A sailor crossed the deck, a dim figure in the shadows, went over to a sort of raised summerhouse with a brass thingummy in it, fooled about for a moment, and went away again. Sailors earn their money easily. "Yes?" said Sam when he had gone. "I forget what I was saying." "Something about my being the perfect knight." "Yes.

For Augustina, indeed Stephen Fountain's little black-robed widow her husband was daily receding further and further into a dim and dreadful distance, where she feared and yet wept to think of him.

But there was no mockery in the quick opening of the casement above me, where a dim light now gleamed, nor in the flinging up of the curtain, and it was not a spirit but a real face with a crown of curly hair that was outlined in the gloom. And a voice, Marjie's sweet voice, called anxiously: "Is that you, Phil? I'll be right down."

As she read these words, the cheeks of the empress crimsoned with shame, and, burying her face in her hands, she sobbed aloud. When the paroxysm of her grief was over, her face was very pale and her eyes dim and swollen. "I must complete the humiliation," thought she; then folding the letter, it was directed "To Her Majesty the Empress of Russia."

All around them could be heard the refrain of planes in action; from above came similar sounds, and Jack, looking up, discovered dim scurrying forms of mysterious shape that flitted across the star-decked sky like giant bats. Now they, too, were rising swiftly in spirals.

We looked vainly, at first, for the cause of this commotion, but finally made out off our port bow the dim outlines of a steamer. It was only when our ship was on the top of the roll that we could make out our chase at all nothing but a wall of water could be seen when we lay in the trough. "That boat is certainly doing her best to get away," said "Bill." "And, holy smoke! see how she rolls."