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Thus much, that you may not fear to trust yourself in one of our Phaeacian ships. Tomorrow, if you please, you shall launch forth. To-day spend with us in feasting, who never can do enough when the gods send such visitors."

Slowly the launch forged her way through the running waters and drew nearer and nearer to the centre of Iala. There on either side stood the houses in long rows stretching up the river, and on the banks hundreds of men stood silent and as still as trees. Their canoes lay half in and half out of the water ready for instant launching. In each canoe stood its crew erect and waiting.

The gun from the launch fired, a yell rose from every side, and all the canoes near dashed forward. Mr. Hume shoved out, and the Okapi slipped up-stream undetected under the uproar, darting from one island to another, and keeping as near the banks as possible. They were doing splendidly!

The patron dying just as he was ready to launch out into the world, the poor fellow, in despair, went to sea; where, after a variety of good and ill fortune, a little before I was acquainted with him he had been sent on shore by an American privateer, on the wild coast of Connaught, stripped of everything.

I then had the wounded men taken out of the launch, and Swinburne and the other men bound up their wounds, and made them as comfortable as they could. Some remarkable occurrences take place in the letter of marque Old friends with improved faces The captor a captive; but not carried away, though the captive is, by the ship's boat The whole chapter a mixture of love, war, and merchandise.

"I don't want to spoil this pretty boat with dark stains. Perhaps, however, they have been captured." "You would know if they had, wouldn't you?" asked Jack. "Why, no, I think not. You see I have just arrived, coming in the second launch, now over there in the bay. I did not go to the camp, but edged around the hill with half a dozen men in order to see if all was safe.

They reluctantly assisted the aged passenger to alight and watched him climb into the rain-soaked launch. He stumbled and almost fell into the seat under the dripping canopy. Captain Jennings propped the leather cushions under his sagging arms, and as the girls turned away from the landing they heard the motor of the River Queen chug out.

I will add this: that I believe that you are letting yourself be overborne, and that you will regret it some day." He made no answer. Douglas van Tuiver put an end to the discussion by rising and signalling the other launch. When it had come alongside, he said to the captain, "Mrs. Abbott is going back to the railroad. You will take her at once."

For the rest, he was utterly composed and indifferent, and unmistakably Chinese. "I hope there is no mistake," said Professor Spence hesitatingly. "Dr. Farr certainly informed me that this was the wharf at which his launch usually er tied up. But there could scarcely be two doctors of that name, I suppose? It's somewhat uncommon." "Oh, it's him you want," assured Mr. Johnston.

"We can build a raft," thought I, "launch it upon this noble river, and float down to the Amazon, and thence to the mouth of the great stream itself. There is a Portuguese settlement there the town of Grand Para. There we shall be safe from our foes." Such were my first thoughts on beholding the new river. I reflected further.