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You are to hang for a dirty murder about boddle-pieces. Your personal part in it, the treacherous one of holding the poor wretch in talk, your accomplices a pack of ragged Highland gillies. And it can be shown, my great Mr. Balfour it can be shown, and it WILL be shown, trust ME that has a finger in the pie it can be shown, and shall be shown, that you were paid to do it.

Let her wait till she was eighty. But she never would be; too thin and holy! This evening, however, with the advent of the partridge she did speak. "Who were your visitors, Father?" Trust her for nosing anything out! Fixing his little blue eyes on her, he mumbled with a very full mouth: "Ladies." "So I saw; what ladies?"

"Yes; so you say, and so he said; he swore and he cried too, Jack, and then he took it all, and left his mother without a farthing." "Well, mother, then don't tell me; I'd rather not know: you will only be uncomfortable, and so let the money go." "No, Jack, that won't do either; I will tell you, for I can trust you.

I played with my father, with mother I played, And childhood's days came to an end; And when I had grown up into a young maid, I played still, but now with my friend. I gave him my day and I gave him my night, And never once thought of deceit; But when I him told of my sorrowful plight, My trust I had cause to regret. 'I never have loved you, he quickly did say; 'Begone!

Yet he felt that to do so would be to peril his soul; so that the request was but the voice of the tempter, as he spoke in Job's wife, to make him "say a word against God, and die," to betray his trust, and incur the sentence of spiritual death.

Again she seized his hands and held them. And again bewilderment came down on him like a cloud. "Father! you must trust me. I am willing to do everything that I ought." I love him dearly.... But you must say nothing to him, not one word. My mother agrees with this.

He did not believe Dick Shand. But then he had put no trust in Bagwax, and had been from the first convinced, in his own mind, that Caldigate had married the woman. As soon as it was known to him that his client had paid twenty thousand pounds to Crinkett and the woman, he was quite sure of the guilt of his client.

She looked embarrassed. He went on "Besides we are comrades we have stood together in the fight. I expect this is for the Cause! If so I ought to be angry that you even suggested it!" "Don't be angry!" she said gravely. "I meant nothing unkind. Well, I thank you very much and there are the diamonds." She gave him the case, with a quiet deliberate movement, as if to emphasize her trust in him.

As Jarvis entered, he looked up, and a shade passed quickly over his face. "Good morning, Mr. Lankford," said Jarvis, bowing, with something like timidity and shame in his manner. "Are you not afraid to come here, John?" replied the old man, sternly. "I am ashamed to come, but not afraid. You will not harm me, I know." "Don't trust to that, John.

"Nay, hold," interrupted Sir George, "I will go with thee. I will trust none to spice my drink except it be Lady Maude, or Dorothy. I will go with thee and spice it myself." "And I will have some simple sack," said Sir Thomas.