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Do I not see such a mighty people, a people who will care more to raise their lowest than to exalt their richest who will understand that there is more bravery in peace than in war, who will see that all men are brothers, and whose hearts will not narrow themselves down to their own frontiers, but will warm in sympathy with every noble cause the whole world through?

For this cause do we also give thanks to God unceasingly, because when ye received the word reported by us from God, ye received it not as the word of man, but, as it is in truth, the word of God, which worketh also effectually in you that believe.

"When in swimming," said Frank, "did you ever sit on the bottom of the swimming hole and pound two stones together?" "Of course," laughed the little fellow. "And you heard a noise?" "I believe I did, but it was not such a noise as one would hear from the same cause in the air." "Well," Ned went on, "I heard noises down there, too, and I'll tell you right here that I'm alarmed."

It having been reported at Fort Brooke that Fort King was assailed by the Indians and in danger of being cut off, and this opinion being strengthened by the noncompliance of General Clinch with the request of General Gaines to co-operate with him, it became General Gaines's duty to ascertain the cause.

This was not, indeed, the only instance in which M. Collot had cause to complain of Bonaparte, who was never inclined to acknowledge his important services, nor even to render justice to his conduct. On the morning of the 20th Brumaire Bonaparte sent his brother Louis to inform the Director Gohier that he was free.

FATAL EFFECTS. Our cemeteries receive within the cold shadows of the grave thousands and thousands of victims that annually die from the results of "broken hearts." It is no doubt a fact that love troubles cause more disorders of the heart than everything else combined.

But Aristides walked alone on his path in politics being unwilling to go with associates in ill doing, or to cause them vexation by not gratifying their wishes.

The matter of Teaching, its direction, its ways and means, its extension, its consolidation, essential as they are to the interests of the Cause, constitute by no means the only issue which should receive the full attention of these Assemblies.

Even the Churchmanship of it was decidedly evangelical, ready at any moment to make common cause with Dissent against Ritualism, if such a calamity should ever threaten the little community, and very ready to join, more or less furtively, in the excitements of Dissenting revivals.

You may see here a true image of all honeymoons; this is their history, this is the plain fact and not the cause that underlies it.

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