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"She is with me daily, but I have not seen her since she was a small child, and I always picture her as a child. To you, no doubt, she is almost a woman grown?" "In feeling, I should say, decidedly more woman than child; and in manner." "You please me by saying so. She is to marry Fritz, and I wish that to happen before I die."

Pinderwell; yet it seemed cruel that he should lie in that warm southern country without a wife or daughter to care for him. "Helen," Miriam said from Phoebe's door, "do you think he is going to die?" "How can I tell?" "And you don't care?" "Not much, of course, but I'm sorry for him." "Sweet thing! And if he dies, shall we wear black?" Helen's pale lips condescended to a rather mocking smile.

Neither gold-laced liveries in sight of which you die of hunger, nor tall crystals laden with flowers for your only dessert, here take the place of honest dishes.

You can leave it with us if you like." "Thank you, but I'd rather have it about me," Helmsley answered. "You see I'm old and not very strong, and I might die at any time. I'd like to keep my Will on my own person." "Well, take care of it, that's all," said the solicitor, smiling at what he thought his client's rustic naïveté.

I set my teeth, determined to fight it out to the end, when, if need be, I should die bravely. "Hurrah, `Gyp, whilst there's life there's hope!"

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They have a guillotine with them, and the commissioner of the executive power, Milliere." "Are you sure?" "I met them on the road. The commissioner was riding near the colonel, and I recognized him perfectly. He executed my brother, and I have sworn he shall die by my own hand." "And you'll risk your life to keep your oath?" "At the first opportunity." "Perhaps it won't be long coming."

But it teaches no certain judgement either in this life or in any future life which will overtake the transgression of moral laws. A man may defraud, oppress, and seduce, and yet live a prosperous life, and die a quiet, painless death.

"It is the truth. You brought this on yourself, and so " "Don't tell me that again! You have told it enough! If I'd never seen you, I'd not be here now. You brought it on me, Frank Merriwell. If I die here in this cursed hole, you'll have something pleasant to think about! You can laugh over it!" "You shall not die here, Harris, if I can help it. I'll speak to the captain about you."

"Yes, Grace, I shall always say if I had died and I may die yet that I did not wish to go out with Mr. Libby, and that I went purely to please you. You forced me to go. I can't understand why you did it; for I don't suppose you wanted to kill us, whatever you did." Grace could not lift her head.