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And the moment after he disappeared, leaving the startled miser to gaze, with greedy contemplation, upon the sapphire which he retained in his grasp. "Oh, ho!" exclaimed Dennis as the exasperating phrase in italics met his glance, "an' it's here you are again.

The Hallecks were only going to stay three days, and the suspicion that Bartley had delayed in order to leave himself as little time as possible with them rankled in her heart so that she could not keep it to herself when they met. "Was that what made you give me such a cool reception?" he asked, with cynical good-nature.

Madame Raquin, who in her goodness of heart, felt pained at this attitude, sometimes said to the young man: "Do not pay attention to the manner of my niece, I know her; her face appears cold, but her heart is warm with tenderness and devotedness." The two sweethearts had no more meetings. Since the evening in the Rue Saint-Victor they had not met alone.

Doubtless he has met with panthers and wolves, each one of whom will to its dying day retain impressive recollections of the wee monster, from which they fled as a trifle too uncanny even for them.

"No, madam," he answered; "you are clergyman enough for me. You are near enough to God there is no one in this room who is not worthy to stand in the presence of death. Yet I wish that a clergyman were here, that he might listen to one thing I have to say. When I was a boy I worked my way down the river to New York, to see the city. I met a bishop there.

One of the two he recognized as a well-known night-poacher, the man who had met him with tidings of his wife's death on the evening of the conflagration. The other seemed to be a stranger following the same mode of life.

The occasion was unusual, and multitudes of both sexes, from the surrounding region, flocked to witness the unhappy spectacle. On the day of the execution, Red Jacket was met by Judge Walden, of Buffalo, wending his way from the town to his home. The judge inquired where he was going?

She had not a grain of moral timidity, and she fronted a delicate social problem as sturdily as she would have barred the way of a gentleman she might have met in her vestibule with the plate-chest The only thing which prevented her being a bore in orthodox circles was that she was incapable of discussion.

We were not a moment too soon, for we were scarcely out of sight of where we had taken up the last rail, before the other train met us. This was safely passed, and when our pursuers came to the place where we had broken the rail, they abandoned their own train, and ran on foot till they met the one we had just passed, and turned it back after us, running with great speed.

"I don't know what you mean, turning out to be my aunt. She has been my aunt all along." "I mean, how extraordinary that it should be your aunt that Madeline's going to stay with." "Not at all. She and my Cousin Angela are close friends. At Cannes she was with us all the time." "Oh, you met Madeline at Cannes, did you?