Halfden was well pleased, and shouted: "Nay, Thormod; your turn to guard now; let Wulfric smite at you!" "No, by Thor, that will I not," he said; "he who taught to guard has doubtless taught to strike, and I would not have my head broken, even in play!" Now he sat down, and I said, mindful of Lodbrok's words: "It seems to me that I have been well taught by the jarl."

God doubtless condescends in many instances where people are misled as to the teaching of His Word to their ignorance, if they are sincere, but that fact does not alter His Word, and even with a member of the congregation of Friends, who sincerely does not believe in water baptism, there must be before the blessing is received that for which baptism stands, namely, the open confession of our acceptance of Christ and of our renunciation of sin.

He was generous and large-spirited in intention, though not always so in fact. Doubtless so much knowledge, so much honest and unsparing toil, such freshness and quickness of thought, have not been wasted; there will always be much to learn from Bunsen's writings.

If it comes to that, young man, you are not looking your best either; though doubtless, if washed off, it would reveal a countenance not sicklied o'er with the pale cast of thought thought such as, alas! must be mine thought which, if acquainted with the poets, you will recognise as lying too deep for tears."

Whether a professional missionary might have a better chance I know not; such persons must doubtless know more about the science of conversion: for myself, I could only be thankful that I was in the right path, and was obliged to let others take their chance as yet.

Adorning its banks grow wild flowers, many of which have as yet no Latin names, but which are doubtless well-known to the gilded insects and butterflies of all shapes and colors, blue and gold, white and black, many-hued, glittering with iridescent spots, with rubies and emeralds on their wings, and to the countless beetles with their metallic lusters of powdered gold.

Had he not quitted the army, a brilliant career was before him. People talk a great deal of Pelissier, of Canrobert, of MacMahon, and of others. I say nothing against them; they are good men doubtless at least I hear so; but your father would have eclipsed them all had he taken the trouble. But he didn't take the trouble!

I hope, sir, that I am as little anxious to be Quixotic, as I am determined to be just. 'Very fairly spoken, said Mr. Robbie. 'It is not much in my line, as doubtless your friend, Mr. Romaine, will have told you. I rarely mix myself up with anything on the criminal side, or approaching it.

"Yes, and if I should ever see that dress again I could easily identify it, for I have the piece now and could fit it into the rent. But doubtless my lady has disposed of that costume long before this. Here is the piece, though I have kept it, thinking it might possibly be of use some time." Ray drew forth his pocket-book as he spoke, opened it, took out a folded paper, and handed it to Mona.

Doubtless the great fact of the Fall is written on the face of life.