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The sky was clouded; there was not a breath of air, and we had no certain means of knowing in what direction we were proceeding. We ate the last fragments of meat we possessed, before starting, to give us strength for the journey. On we went, but still I was unable to recognise any of the features of the country. Noon approached, and we were getting desperately hungry.

Sectional jealousies had been quieted in the Convention of 1787 by establishing "balances" in representation and taxation. It was unfortunate to recognise the existence of sections and to perpetuate them in this manner; but compromise was the only way possible at the time.

"But what triumphs that man can achieve bring so immediate, so palpable a reward as those won by a woman, beautiful and admired who finds every room an empire, and every class her subjects?" "It is a despicable realm." "What! to command to win to bow to your worship the greatest, and the highest, and the sternest; to own slaves in those whom men recognise as their lords!

Governments succeed each other and bid for success by different devices; but the "patronage of art" is a plank, as we should say here, in every platform. The works of art are often ill-selected there is an official taste which you immediately recognise but the custom is essentially liberal, and a Government which should neglect it would be felt to be painfully common.

Now, while undoubtedly in these passages we may recognise the first anticipation of many of the most modern principles of research, we must remember how essentially limited is the range of the ARCHAEOLOGIA, and how no theory at all is offered on the wider questions of the general conditions of the rise and progress of humanity, a problem which is first scientifically discussed in the REPUBLIC of Plato.

But she had mapped out her life on lines independent of home ties, and she had not the breadth and nobility of nature to recognise that the charge unexpectedly laid upon her was as much a heaven-sent mission as the labours among the poor, which she fulfilled with such devotion and enthusiastic self-denial.

As all the monkeys which have the hinder parts of their bodies more or less brightly coloured live, according to Von Fischer, in open rocky places, he thinks that these colours serve to render one sex conspicuous at a distance to the other; but, as monkeys are such gregarious animals, I should have thought that there was no need for the sexes to recognise each other at a distance.

Whereat the judge was mightily amazed, having expected to be greeted by her with the heartiest of cheer, and began to ruminate thus: Perhaps I am so changed by the melancholy and prolonged heartache, to which I have been a prey since I lost her, that she does not recognise me.

It is, on the other hand, difficult for us to obey consistently the impulses which attend on the mental images formed by inference and association. A man may be convinced by a long train of cogent reasoning that he will go to hell if he visits a certain house; and yet he will do so in satisfaction of a half conscious craving, whose existence he is ashamed to recognise.

"Everybody knows it, Mr. Masters." "Go among them as if nobody knew it. I'll warrant that nobody will speak of it" "I don't think any one of 'em would dare to do that," said Larry brandishing his stick. "Where is it that the hounds are Larry?" "Here; at the old kennel." "Go out and let her see that you have taken her advice. She is there at the house, and she will recognise you in the park.