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She had not fainted, nor had ever totally lost her consciousness, but had contrived to support herself on the bench; still without courage to turn her eyes upon the unfortunate object, which remained near her, and about whom the men were yet too much engaged to attend to her.

"I was once well acquainted with his lordship," he observed, "and I think he will attend to my representations. If he does not, we must see how far the law can help us. I have, however, little doubt that he will be ready to acknowledge you as his heir." The next day a postchaise arrived at the door, when my uncle and I started in it for Hampshire, in which county Lord Heatherly resided.

She embarked at last on a lawsuit about some property, with her husband's family, and went to America to attend to it. She came back triumphant, with a long purse. She reappeared in Italy, and established herself for a while in Venice. Then she came to Florence, where she spent a couple of years and where I saw her.

Mrs Skinner might have perhaps kept him a little more in his proper place if she had thought it worth while to try, but she had enough to attend to in looking after her household and seeing that the boys were well fed and, if they were ill, properly looked after which she took good care they were.

He laughed over the idea for some time, while a fiendish expression of joy settled on his face. "I'll attend to it as soon as possible," said White; "but you see I have no money of my own that I can use at the present time. I would gladly advance you the necessary amount if I could, but all my available cash will have to go as security to my bondsmen.

It was to him a terrible grief to assist at these obsequies of his past life, and yet he could not tear himself away. He felt fascinated, as it were, by some supernatural power, and forced to remain in the house and attend this horrible ceremony.

By this time the old dame had completely recovered from her illness, and was able to move about, so as to attend to the little domestic concerns of the cottage; Lucy could therefore give her undivided attention to her work. Her proceedings were by no means agreeable to her father or to Modbury.

It was also made one of their functions to designate the number and location of the polling-places in the several districts, to appoint commissioners for receiving the votes and in general to attend to such other matters as were necessary, in order properly to conduct the voting, and afterward to receive from the commissioners the result of the vote and forward it to my headquarters.

The writer had been designated to preach a Centenary sermon during the session of the Conference, but as I was called to Waupun to attend the funeral of my brothers's wife, on the day the services were to have been held, the good Bishop kindly consented to occupy the pulpit for me.

You are now as completely in my power as I was in yours." Then the sailors, shouting for joy at the victory, bound him with the chain with which I had been confined; and after taking possession of the pirate ship, we continued the voyage; but being driven out of our course by a contrary wind, landed on an uninhabited island, to get water and wild fruits, and attend to the wounded.