There they present the appearance of a vast ocean of verdure, having only two outlets, one near Gran and Waitzen, the other between Belgrade and Widdin.

At least, one of the homes has been so much dearer than the others. "'Do you not think so because it is the latest, and your feelings about it are freshest? he asked. "I laughed. 'A bad guess. It is not my present home. This one was near a river. "'Exactly. "This time the 'exactly' did not seem so appropriate as before, and I explained further.

It is said that there was formerly a stone placed near the centre of this portage on which figures were annually traced and offerings deposited by the Indians; but the stone has been removed many years and the spot has ceased to be held in veneration. Here we were overtaken by Governor Williams who left York Factory on the 20th of last month in an Indian canoe.

I went to school summers till I was old enough to help on the farm, say at the age of eleven or twelve, when my schooling was confined to the winters. As a boy, the only farm work that appealed to me was sugar-making in the maple woods in spring. This I thoroughly enjoyed. It brought me near to wild nature and was freer from routine than other farm work.

But the business on which he came was of such an important nature that he felt obliged to see the minister if he could do so without danger to him. So the man went up and Philip greeted him with his usual heartiness, excusing himself for not rising. The man took a chair, moved up near the couch, and sat down. He seemed a good deal excited, but in a suppressed and cautious way.

We passed a very fine vine; the grapes were not yet ripe, probably the rats will have most of them. The grass was long and rather wet. Soon the sun came out and it became very hot. For a time we helped Tom to gather his apples, but it was tiring work, so Ellen and I found a sheltered nook and rested. Afterwards Graham and I went and sat near the edge of the cliff.

It was not advisable, however, to withdraw suddenly from the festivities, for fear my absence might arouse suspicion. The only alternative that presented itself was to send a note or message of some kind to them, and so I asked Yamba to bring me a large fleshy leaf of a water-lily, and then, with one of her bone needles, I pricked, in printed English characters, "A friend is near; fear not."

It consisted of a complete left arm, minus the third finger and including the bones of the shoulder the shoulder-blade and collar-bone. This discovery seems to have set the local population, especially the juvenile part of it, searching all the ponds and streams of the neighborhood " "Cannibals!" interjected Mr. Bellingham. "With the result that there was dredged up out of a pond near St.

"The herds are there," he said. "I am going to them. I may be gone a week or more. Will you promise me to be here when I return?" "Yes, if that is your desire." "It is." She was so near that his lips might have touched her shining hair. "And when you return, I must go. That will be the only way." "I think so." "It will be hard. It may be, after all, that I am a coward. But to face all that alone "

It was near Philadelphia, in 1844, when he was "stumping the State" for Henry Clay, and when our youthful feelings were warmly with the object of his speech. What a disappointment! How poor and pompous and pointless it seemed!