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But why, if slavery is no wrong to those upon whom it is imposed? why, if, as has often been said, slaves are happier than their masters, freer from the cares and perplexities of providing for themselves and their families? why not place your children in the way of being supported without your having the trouble to provide for them, or they for themselves?

Perhaps the most disturbing side of the phenomenon is that it is coincident with the emancipation of woman. At a time when she is freer than at any other period of the world's history save perhaps at one period in ancient Egypt she is apparently more uneasy. Those who do not like the exhibit are inclined to treat her as if she were a new historical type.

And yet when she had drawn freer breath, and enjoyed the relief for a moment, she found herself regretting the sensation of dread, so greedy of extreme sensations is the feminine nature. The regret was not love, but it was certainly akin to other feelings which prepare the way for love.

He became like her shadow, and life grew to be unendurable, until her father planned to emigrate west, when she hailed the news with joy. And now Mordaunt had tracked her to her new home. She was sick with disgust. Then her spirit, always strong, and now freer for this new, wild life of the frontier, rose within her, and she dismissed all thoughts of this man and his passion.

As may be imagined, this invitation had not to be repeated, for a pretty woman looks better in bed than anywhere else. I found Mdlle. X. C. V. sitting up in bed writing, but she stopped as soon as she saw me. "How is this, sweet lie-a-bed, not up yet?" "Yes, I am staying in bed partly because I feel lazy, and partly because I am freer here." "I was afraid you were not quite well."

Dear old pedantic Güntz, who had so often and so ruthlessly opened his eyes for him! To tell the truth, this friend had almost passed out of his thoughts; yet now he suddenly felt a genuine longing for him. During the past winter Reimers had grown much more at home in the regiment, feeling as a wanderer returned. He felt himself freer and more light-hearted, and his comrades seemed more congenial.

"There'll be no stone throwin', make yer mind easy on that score, younker," he told Max, between his teeth; "but if ever we should happen to meet up with you er any o' yer crowd agin, look out, that's all! Kim erlong, Bill, we quits cold right here, see?" With that they stalked moodily away, and the boys seemed able to draw freer breaths after their departure.

When the government shall have triumphed in this great struggle, when the South, with its obsolete theories of the supremacy of capital over labor, shall have yielded to the great advancing truth of the age, when free labor, rendered freer and nobler than ever, shall rule all powerful from ocean to ocean, then we shall see this great American republic restored to its original strength and beauty, progressing in the path laid down by our Revolutionary forefathers, and stripped of the cruel impediments which have clogged its course for years, proving to the world the great assertion of all time, that man is capable of self-government.

The old ideals of the Manchester school freer trade, more intimate and peaceful intercourse between nations, the right of each people to control its destiny, the development of liberal institutions gave way to a policy of high protective tariffs and bitter commercial warfare, of constant increase in armaments, of eager rivalry in seizing the territory of less civilized and weaker peoples, accompanied, particularly on the continent, by a decrease in the effectiveness of parliamentary government.

The heir to Shea's Barn shan't bring the mistress of it out of Kilgobbin Castle. 'Trust me for that, old lady, cried he, forgetting all his good manners in his violent passion. 'You'll be all the freer to catch a young aide-de-camp from the Castle, said she sneeringly; 'or maybe, indeed, a young lord a rank equal to your own. 'Haven't you said enough? screamed he, wild with rage.