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Hanna has the satisfaction of knowing that he has been very successful, has built up a large fortune for himself and done a very important work in building up the material interests of the city, both commercial and manufacturing.

Since the last session of Congress a treaty of amity, commerce, and navigation and for the surrender of fugitive criminals with the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies; a treaty of friendship, commerce, and navigation with Nicaragua, and a convention of commercial reciprocity with the Hawaiian Kingdom have been negotiated.

The ability and efficiency of the commercial truck for hard city work are undisputed. It has had its test in New York, where traffic is dense and most difficult to handle. Here, of course, are the ideal conditions for the successful use of the motor-truck which are a full load, a long haul, and a good road.

It is curious enough, as showing from what sources objects derive their importance, that if you have once planted a tree for other than commercial purposes, and in that case it is usually done by your orders and by the hands of hirelings, you have always in it a peculiar interest. You care more for it than you care for all the forests of Norway or America.

She possessed an extensive shipping, second in tonnage only to that of the British Islands, to which it was a dangerous rival in maintaining the commercial intercourse of Europe; while her population and purchasing power were so increased as to constitute her a very valuable market, manufacturing for which was chiefly in the hands of Great Britain.

We turned in feeling comfortably dismal, and almost wishing that we had gone down with the Dunbar. The intoxicated shearers and the dude kept their concert up till a late hour that night or, rather, a very early hour next morning; and at about midnight they were reinforced by the commercial traveller and Moses, the jeweller, who had been visiting acquaintances aft.

" Full publicity of all treaties and international agreements; " The equal application to all other nations of commercial and trade regulations and restrictions imposed by any nation; and " The proper regulation and control of new states pending complete independence and sovereignty."

From these repeated excursions she brought back peculiarities of speech and behavior, equivocal songs, and a style of dress that imported into the bourgeois atmosphere of the old commercial house an accurate reproduction of the most advanced type of the Paris cocotte of that period. At the factory they began to suspect something.

In the preceding hasty sketch it has been attempted to trace the rise of London from being the bazaar to a Roman camp to its present position as the capital of the commercial world. It is now worth while to glance at the nature of the municipal institutions through which it has attained such a proud ascendancy.*

"You did it ill the friendliest spirit." "And not indiscreetly, I hope." She looked at him for a moment, and continued: "He is bribable, but you must go to work carefully. For instance, I think if you offered to give him a good start in a commercial career by your personal recommendation, I mean that would have more effect than an offer of money.