He was then twenty-three years old, and had not, in the whole course of his life, been three months afloat. As soon as he came back from sea he was made Colonel of a regiment of foot. This is a specimen of the manner in which naval commands of the highest importance were then given; and a very favourable specimen; for Mulgrave, though he wanted experience, wanted neither parts nor courage.

The fact that the present unusual summons followed so closely on the death of Monsieur de la Billardiere seemed to give special importance to the circumstance, which was made known to Monsieur Saillard, who came at once to confer with Baudoyer.

Our vines being tied, ploughed, and hoed, we come to one of the most important and delicate operations to be performed; one of as great nay, greater importance than pruning. I mean summer-pruning, or pinching, i.e. thumb or finger pruning.

In reviewing all the early travels through this inhospitable region, one is struck by the frequent neglect of the question of food-supplies. In such a barren land, this is the item of first importance, and yet many of the leaders treated it apparently as of slight consequence.

The scrubbing of a doorstep, if faithfully done in a true spirit of service, is of as much value and real importance as the writing of a deathless poem, or dying for one's country. We can never truthfully say that one act of service is of greater value, or is more important than another. All that the higher law looks at is the motive.

Make the thing you have to convey, make the picture you have to paint, at all rich and complex, and you cease to be clear. Remain clear and with the clearness required by the infantine intelligence of any public consenting to see a play and what becomes of the 'importance' of your subject?

Let us suppose that A has political reasons for particularly desiring to save from invasion four districts, the importance of which I have indicated on Sketch 12 by shading, and which I have numbered 1, 2, 3, 4. Let us suppose that those four districts happen to lie at the four exposed corners of the area which A has to defend.

L'Estang may have something of importance to tell me." "He could have written it," said Jacques. "I don't like this journey. These assassins are on the watch. One messenger killed, and the next shot at we can be sure they won't let you pass free." "There are three of us," I replied lightly "you and I and L'Estang's courier, and he seems well able to take care of himself.

Suddenly the Indian halted; at the next instant he was behind a tree. Each of us imitated him, quick as thought, for this was our previous training in the event of encountering an enemy; and we all well knew the importance of a cover in forest warfare. Still, no foe could be seen.

But the Sierra is only one of the many provinces over which he holds sway, for his dominion extends over all the Redwood Belt of the Coast Mountains, and far northward throughout the majestic forests of Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. I make haste to mention these facts, to show upon how substantial a foundation the importance I ascribe to him rests.