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In connection with this subject the attention of Congress is respectfully called to a singular and embarrassing conflict of laws. The executive department of this Government has hitherto uniformly held, as it now holds, that naturalization in conformity with the Constitution and laws of the United States absolves the recipient from his native allegiance.

"A gentle thought that of you holds discourse Cometh now frequently with me to dwell, And in so sweet a way of Love doth tell, My heart to yield unto him he doth force. "'Who, then, is this, the soul says to the heart, 'Who cometh to bring comfort to our mind?

He shows as they do a certain consideration for the individuals he encounters, gives them their due place, and yet holds to his own.

But what is exactly the difference between fetishism and polytheism? No one now any longer holds that a fetish is regarded, by believers in fetish, as a material object and nothing more: everyone recognises that the material object to which the term is applied is regarded as the habitation of a spiritual being. The material object in question is to the fetish what the idol of a god is to a god.

The lessons to be derived from the history of the three De Wet hunts are mainly of a moral character, and have only an indirect bearing upon the principles which guide the conduct of military operations in general. No such episodes could ever occur in a European War. Yet the Power which holds Hindustan cannot afford to forget them.

In my fall, I have lost three teeth, which, without being exactly sound, still did me good service. Moreover, I have an agonizing pain in my right side and in the arm that holds the brush." "My master," said Apollonius pityingly, "you must have received some internal hurts, which is a very dangerous thing.

But in the larger proportions of their works, even the professional are not professional; whilst such is our academic discipline, that all alike are scholars. And in this quality of merit the author before us holds a distinguished rank. He is no artist, though manifesting the eye learned in art and in landscape.

If this wind holds, we shall be fairly out at sea when you get up tomorrow. "You snore, I hope?" "No, sir, I don't think so," Charlie said. "I hoped you did," the doctor said, "because I'm told I do, sometimes. However, as I usually smoke a cigar on deck, the last thing, I hope you will be fairly asleep before I am. If at any time I get very bad, and keep you awake, you must shake me."

I am not making a deception fit to last for thirty years; I do not found a palace in the living granite for the night. This is a shelter tent a flying picture seen, admired, and gone again in the wink of an eye. What is wanted, in short, is a trompe-l'oeil that shall be good enough for twelve hours at an inn: is it not so? 'It is, and the objection holds.

There's a sleigh so big coming in a little while to this town, and this street, and this house, that it holds presents enough for . "'When will it be here? Well, from the sleigh-bells that I heard I should say . My goodness, gracious! If it isn't almost ten o'clock, and if that sleigh should get here whilst there's a single eye open in this house, I don't know what Santa Claus might do!"