But you mustn't try to impose on me, my eyesight is not yet entirely gone!" "What do you mean, Mr. Greatorex?" Elise was puzzled. "I'm not trying to impose on you!" "I hope not, my girl, for I wouldn't want to believe such a thing of you. But you have been imposed upon." "How?" "This sampler was worked in 1836, not 1636." "How do you know?" "Very easily. Here, you can see for yourself.

The success of even professional men depends in no slight degree on their physical health; and a public writer has gone so far as to say that "the greatness of our great men is quite as much a bodily affair as a mental one." A healthy breathing apparatus is as indispensable to the successful lawyer or politician as a well-cultured intellect.

I will tell you; she is gone back to Germany she and her aunt Agnes are both gone to Frankfort to live. The fact is, that Emilie is married. She was engaged to a young Professor of languages, at the very time when the Christmas tree was raised last year in Mr. Parker's drawing room.

These two years I have been paying money out of pocket for top-dressing, and taxes, and expenses of all kinds; Government eats up everything, nearly all the profit goes to the Government. The poor growers have made nothing these last two seasons. This year things don't look so bad; and, of course, the beggarly puncheons have gone up to eleven francs already.

The worse that the doctor could work himself up to saying was that though the children were "exceedingly" well, the conditions would be serious in case of illness. If the doctor will tell me any conditions that would be comic in case of illness, I shall attach more weight to his argument. Now this is the worst effect of modern worry. The mad doctor has gone mad.

But before this fleet departed, some were gone by one or two at a time, so that only 23 sail of this fleet arrived at the Havannah. There met at the Havannah, 33 sail from New Spain, 23 from the Terra Firma, 12 belonging to San Domingo, 9 from Honduras.

She's sixteen just like me." "Richard's a good brother." "She says that Richard has gone to Richmond something about arms for his Company of Volunteers. Aunt Lucy " "Yes, dear." "I think that Richard loves Judith." "Molly, Molly, stop romancing!" "I am not romancing. I don't believe in it. That week last summer he used to watch her and Mr.

"He often tells me that the greatest trouble about his voyages to the Banks is that he loses so many sanctuary privileges; though he always keeps Sunday on his ship, and reads and sings his psalms; but, he says, after all, there's nothing like going to Mount Zion." "And little Moses has gone on his first voyage?" said the minister.

I gave, in haste, a few instructions to the Corporal, and ran to the Commandant's. Day was breaking. I was going down the street swiftly when I heard my name called. I stopped. "Where are you going, dare I ask?" said Ignatius, catching up with me; "the Captain is on the rampart and sends me for you. Pougatcheff is here." "Is Marie gone?" I said, shuddering.

This, be it understood, was after the breakfast was over, and when, in the deep gloom which generally concludes a wedding day, everybody had gone home.