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The potters overtook him, and, as he pointed his gun, which they considered a magic-horn, they speared him to death, and then fled at once. Our survivors were not long in bringing the news into camp, when a party went out, and in the evening brought in the man's corpse and everything belonging to him, for nothing had been taken. 12th.

If you care for sad stories, there is another queer thing belonging to a child who died. "It appeared to be a large sheet of canvas with some strange kind of needlework upon it. "'It belonged to a little girl in a rich household, the beetle continued; 'she was an invalid, and difficult to amuse. We have lots of her toys, and very pretty ones too.

This gap was nearly closed by sinking across it four of the large Mississippi coal-barges belonging to the navy. When on the 8th of May all was thus complete, the water was found to have risen five feet four and a half inches at the upper fall, giving a measured depth there of eight feet eight and one half inches.

It was said that Terry had started a bad house, and had done so in the flat belonging to his family, who were in the country at the time. These stories reached my mother's ears, and also were told to Terry's mother and sisters, and the mischief began.

The carriages and horses, the furniture and plate, and so on, must simply be left on the premises to await Mr. Michael Vanstone's further orders. But any possessions, Miss Vanstone, personally belonging to you or to your sister jewelry and dresses, and any little presents which may have been made to you are entirely at your disposal.

I am fully convinced that species are not immutable; but that those belonging to what are called the same genera are lineal descendants of some other and generally extinct species, in the same manner as the acknowledged varieties of any one species are the descendants of that species. Furthermore, I am convinced that Natural Selection has been the main, but not exclusive means of modification."

As it was, although unsuccessful, the glory and honour of the day rested with them, rather than with the victorious army of France. More than half the column had fallen in the desperate engagement, but the loss of the victors was even greater, and comprised many belonging to the noblest families of France.

Yes; he's out of the way. Poor little fellow! As sure as I sit here he was not Lord Popenjoy." "I never understood anything about it," said Jack. "But I did. Of course the matter is at rest now. I'm not the man to grudge any one what belongs to him; but I do not choose that any one belonging to me should be swindled. If she were to have a son now, he would be the heir."

Then they shook hands and took their respective ways, she together with the unfortunate Miss Terry, who looked like a resuscitated corpse on to the steam-launch that was waiting for her, and he in the boat belonging to Miles' Hotel.

While abroad a decoration was offered him, and he declined it with the character and dignity of one who felt that distinctions which his country repudiated, every gentleman belonging to that country ought to reject; and yet he did it with a respectful gratitude for the compliment, that was due to the government from which the offer came."