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The birthfeast of Mithra was held in Rome on the 8th day before the Kalends of January, being also the day of the Circassian games, which were sacred to the Sun. He too, like Mithra and Dionysus, was a great traveler. As King of Egypt he taught men civil arts, and "tamed them by music and gentleness, not by force of arms"; he was the discoverer of corn and wine.

The fleet had been laden with much valuable property, because the King had determined to fix for the future the wandering capital of his dominions in Spain. Philip landed in safety, however, at Laredo, on the 8th September. His escape from imminent peril confirmed him in the great purpose to which he had consecrated his existence.

For myself and staff, we took the uninterrupted railway line from Washington to Pittsburg, and thence to Wheeling, where we arrived on the evening of October 8th. The 9th was given to consultation with Governor Peirpoint and to communication with such military officers as were within reach.

No Irish law for the levying of drafts existed; and such a proposal was deemed unconstitutional. Hence the 8th Article of the Treaty provides that "All laws in force at the time of the Union shall remain as now by law established, subject only to such alterations and regulations from time to time as circumstances may appear to the Parliament of the United Kingdom to require."

It is known now that Douglas agreed with Hood, but he was too loyal to his chief to say so publicly, then or afterwards; and especially, doubtless, to so irritable a talker. As illustrative of Rodney's professional character the events of April 8th to 12th are therefore unfavorable rather than the reverse.

On the 2d of May, therefore, Farragut sent Craven with the Brooklyn and six other vessels of the fleet up the river. On the 8th, as early as the river transports could be secured, Butler sent Williams with the 4th Wisconsin and the 6th Michigan regiments, and two sections of Everett's 6th Massachusetts battery, to follow and accompany the fleet.

"On the 8th instant myself, Baon, Otoy, and Oton left Santa Cruz early in the morning to go to Talun, a day's march from Santa Cruz, for the purpose of trading with the natives of Talun, and also to collect some debts which they owed Baon. We remained that night at Saculampula, near Talun, where Ungon and Ido, two Bagobos, live with their families.

Villani is conversing with the sentries! The Moon has set the mountains are dim with a mournful and chilling haze Villani is before the palace of the Capitol the only soldier there! Where are the Roman legions that were to guard alike the freedom and the deliverer of Rome? The Close of the Chase. It was the morning of the 8th of October, 1354.

When Gomin went up to the child's room on the morning of 8th June, he said, seeing him calm, motionless, and mute: "I hope you are not in pain just now?" "Oh, yes, I am still in pain, but not nearly so much, the music is so beautiful!" Now there was no music to be heard, either in the Tower or anywhere near. Gomin, astonished, said to him, "From what direction do you hear this music?"

Mary Hearn, twelve years of age, was inoculated with matter taken from the arm of Susan Phipps. 6th day: A pustule beginning to appear, slight pain in the axilla. 7th: A distinct vesicle formed. 8th: The vesicle increasing; edges very red; no deviation in its appearance at this time from the inoculated smallpox. 9th: No indisposition; pustule advancing.