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Many readers of this page will no doubt remember with what precipitation the notorious Monro Adams made himself "scarce" in January, 1882, upon the discovery of the irregular Chase divorce, and others of the same kind fraudulently procured in Brooklyn.

The air was perfectly clear, and across two score towns I saw the great metropolis itself, the silent city of Greenwood beyond it, the bay, the narrows, the sound, the two silvery rivers lying between me and the Palisades, and even, across and to the south of Brooklyn, the ocean itself.

"I will simply have to forget it, and begin again, that's all." And she meditated upon David, the excellent, steady, devoted David, who was Fred's brother and a dentist in Brooklyn, and who gave the children wonderful holidays at Asbury Park. It would make Linda and Fred very happy to have her change toward him: they were a little hurt and silent about David.

In company with Georgian First and a gentleman from Brooklyn, I strolled over the sand-rolls, damp and hard now with a week's rain, passed one or two of the tenantless summer-houses, and halted beside the glacis of Fort Moultrie. I do not wonder that Major Anderson did not consider his small force safe within this fortification.

When he had been prevailed upon to jump up beside the driver, and the carriage rolled homeward, Mr. Roscoe said: "That is a superb creature. The only pure white Newfoundland I ever saw. Where did you get him?" "He was bought in Brooklyn several years ago, and sent to me." "What is his name?" "Hero." "How very odd. Bruno, or Nero, or Ponto, or even Fido, would be so much more suitable."

With a subdued, hidden unhappiness, Claire found that she could not mention Milt that she was afraid her father would mention Milt to these people who took it for granted that all persons who did not live in large houses and play good games of bridge were either "queer" or "common"; who believed that their West was desirable in proportion as it became like the East; and that they, though Westerners, were as superior to workmen with hard hands as was Brooklyn Heights itself.

He went to sleep looking at the Brooklyn Bridge; he disregarded the sky-scrapers above the third story; it took three ushers to wake him up at the liveliest vaudeville in town. "Once I thought I had him.

If, e.g., a snowstorm or a great crowd of people should load a bridge beyond this limit, when the extra weight was removed the cables could not bring the bridge back to its normal place, and the result would be a permanent flattening and weakening of the arch. By a process invented and patented by Col. Paine, the wire in the New York and Brooklyn bridge was furnished straight instead of curved.

"Well, now, I've got to be in Brooklyn on Monday, on business. Maybe Mrs. Mifflin would let me come in and buy some books from you." "Customers always welcome," said Mrs. Mifflin. "I've taken a fancy to that Cromwell book," said Aubrey. "What do you suppose Mr. Mifflin would sell it for?" "I think that book must be valuable," said Titania.

Behind them Brooklyn Bridge spanned the river, looking slender and graceful, like a thing hung in the air by delicate threads. Close at hand were Governor's Island and the Statue of Liberty. The Frenchman was pointing it out. "Ze greatest work of art in all America," he declared, enthusiastically; "an' France give zat to America. Ze Americans nevare think to put eet zere themselves.