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As the two sat there talking about the question of lovelessness in these relations, Herr Bucher strolled up from his flower beds and joined them in his Tyrolean jacket of the chase and big army boots. Gard said, "We were speaking of affection, Herr Bucher. Why do the Germans have the ideal of hate when other races are holding up the ideal of love?"

He strolled along to a cafe and seated himself in order to read the article through; that done he decided to go to the railroad office, draw his salary, and hand in his resignation. With great pomposity he informed the chief clerk that he was on the staff of "La Vie Francaise," and by that means was avenged for many petty insults which had been offered him.

Within a few minutes another shout rang out; another crowd collected. Once more a diamond had been found. This sort of thing went on, at more or less short intervals, ail day long. It must have been nearly eleven o'clock before Brown and Beranger strolled up. I watched their approach. "Well, have you made our fortune?" asked Brown. "I have found a diamond," I replied loftily.

There was no alternative but to curb their impatience as best they might, and the young people strolled back to the tool-house to have another look at the chest. "Listen while I turn it up," said Guy, "and see if we can guess what's inside." It was impossible to determine the contents of the box in this manner. "I should think it was a parcel of some kind," said Ida.

Portheris consideringly and then strolled away, and the guide, with a sorrowful glance at the landlady, put on his hat. "I can explain you everything," he said with an inflection that placed the responsibility for remaining in ignorance upon our own heads, but Mrs. Portheris waved him away with her fan. "No," she said. "I beg that this man shall not be allowed to inflict himself upon our party.

So the elder guests assembled in the drawing-room, and got through an hour of miscellaneous gossip very creditably; at the end of which all adjourned to the garden again, and strolled about in twos and threes till the school children were dismissed and it was time for the visitors to take their leave.

The edge of the wall was not a hundred paces from the camp; and when Hare strolled out to it after supper, the sun had dipped the under side of its red disc behind the desert. He watched it sink, while the golden-red flood of light grew darker and darker. Thought seemed remote from him then; he watched, and watched, until he saw the last spark of fire die from the snow-slopes of Coconina.

When asked by the daughters what detained them, the mother answered that they had a fish supper and then strolled on the beach by moonlight; and on their laughing at her and saying she was worse than the girls, she replied: "Your father is more of a lover today than he was the first year of our marriage."

"A family trait," Brett could not avoid saying. "It has not been an advantage to us," she replied mournfully. They were standing now opposite the library, almost on the spot where her brother fell. They turned and strolled back towards the lodge. "Robert came to see me," she resumed. "He paid a visit in unconventional manner waylaid me, in fact, in this very avenue, and asked me to help him.

The guard, at last, satisfied that we were all right, strolled into the next room a sort of dining- and living-room, where the family were eating. We could hear fragments of conversation and some laughter, and it seemed a good time to slip away! We crowded down a few more fried potatoes, and then leisurely left the table and looked out of the window.