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This concerns you fellows only?" was the quick reply of Mr. Dodd, the sheriff. The four boys looked at one another with alarm. "I bet I know what it is the Head has concluded to start the school up under half a roof, and wants us to come back right away!" said Will, mournfully. Mr. Dodd laughed aloud. "Hit it the first slat out of the box, Will.

"It isn't best to borrow trouble, Martha; we shall have enough of it without." "You never said a truer word, brother," said Rachel, mournfully. "Man is born to trouble as the sparks fly upward. This world is a vale of tears, and a home of misery. Folks may try and try to be happy, but that isn't what they're sent here for." "You never tried very hard, Aunt Rachel," said Jack.

I know why you want to go; you want to run away from a haunting thought that some unlikely accident or other may leave Madame 'Thanase a widow, and you step into his big shoes. They would not fit. Do not go. That thing is not going to happen; and the way to get rid of the troublesome notion is to stay and see yourself outgrow it and her." Bonaventure shook his head mournfully, but staid.

As our visit dragged mournfully towards its end, the butler entered, in pursuance of the early Victorian ritual on such occasions, bearing a tray on which was a decanter of sherry, some tiny wine-glasses, and some dry biscuits of a truly early Victorian dryness.

"I wish I had a machine of my own," said Joe mournfully. "Wishing won't get it, Joe." "I wonder why we can't get hold of a machine that has been finished off by one of these cheerful student chaps, and still has some good stuff left in it, and get Parks to let us patch it up and get a flight on it?" "Parks can't be all that generous of government property, old man.

Why then should she feel this strange gladness at the impossibility of its fulfilment? Altogether, Alma feared that her condition of mind and morals must be sadly askew. Perhaps, she thought mournfully, this perversion of proper feeling was her punishment for the deception she had practised.

I told him he was jolly lucky to have fallen upon Captain Anthony. A man in a million. He started again shuffling to and fro. `You too, he said mournfully, keeping his eyes down. `Eh? Wonderful man? But have you a notion who I am? Listen! I have been the Great Mr de Barral. So they printed it in the papers while they were getting up a conspiracy. And I have been doing time.

Then I bit my tongue ... but the young woman understood my unuttered hint.... She took a swift glance at me, then looked down again, smiled mournfully, and said at once: 'Oh no! he had quite given that up, ever since he got to know me ... But he had no health at all! ... It was shattered quite. As soon as he gave up drink, he fell into ill health directly.

He turned it over mournfully. "You had better open it. There is probably something in it." I never saw a more complete change in a man's face during a single second than came over Isaacs' in that moment. He had not thought of opening it, in his first disappointment at finding it returned. He turned back the lid.

I murmured mournfully, as I recalled one of his remarks; "children! children! these, indeed, were blessings; but if we only had love, truth, peace. If that damning doubt were not there! that wild fear, that fatal, soul-petrifying suspicion!" I groaned audibly as I traversed the streets, and it seemed as if the pavements groaned hollowly in answer beneath my hurrying footsteps.

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