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The maid saw the signs of storm in her face, and her own grew troubled, for it was one thing to vex Gladys and quite another to appease her. "I'm not going to stay here," announced the little girl, as soon as the door was closed, her breath coming fast. "Faith and Ernest are the most selfish, impolite children I ever saw!" Ellen sighed, and, sitting down, drew the child into her lap.

So that the effect to the unwilling eavesdropper was that which we are familiar with in these days of hearing a conversation at the telephone. "Don't you bother yo'self 'bout me, Miss Frances." Interval. "No, marm. I'd ruther stay right here in dis town whar ev'body knows me. Doan yawl study 'bout me." Several bars' rest, apparently.

"And now I must address you, my dear Mary; you and your sister accompanied us here, and since you have been with us, have cheered us during our stay by your attentions and unwearied cheerfulness under all the privations which we at first had to encounter.

At any rate, I'm going to call for the doctor this afternoon, and if it should prove that he has taken the fever, why, I must stay for a week, and you have the prospect of a longer confinement in the attic-nursery." It was too true. Little Harry was very ill much worse than his sister had been at first.

"But you have not told me about the ladies of France," said she. "Stay! you will be telling me that again; it is not likely my father would be caring to hear about them so much as about the folk we know that have gone there from Scotland. They are telling me that many good, brave men are there wearing their hearts out, and that is the sore enough trial."

Alfred said he would go with them, and show them the principal sights; and Oscar, too, would have gladly volunteered, were it not that his father required him to go to church and the Sabbath-school on that day, and to stay in the house when not thus engaged. The boys had now reached the hotel, where the trunk had already arrived.

"Who was the last one?" "His name was Frank Miles." "Was he here long?" asked Herbert, in some curiosity. "Well, no," said the housekeeper, "he did not stay very long." "How long?" "He was here 'most a month." "'Most a month? Didn't he like it?" "Well, no; he didn't seem to like Mr. Holden much." Herbert was not much surprised to hear this.

I struggled, I prayed, but it was incredible to me that any man could be tempted to such a thing. I spoke only conventional words that meant nothing. He went away from me, and his lost soul is now upon me and will always be ... but, Martin, what I would say beyond everything is do not let us separate. Be free as you must be free, as you should be free but stay with me remain with me.

Captain Cory would not transfer and stay in England, so the first opportunity that came he was granted leave. Marriage had quieted him down a lot and I kept cautioning him, for the sake of the wife he had left behind, to be careful. Barwick and Jones wanted leave to take their platoons down to the forward trenches to assist Major Osborne.

"Why need Cornelia write me now, or if she does write, why can't she talk about mushrooms?" which were Cornelia's most recent palliative to her self-imposed and brief sojourns in her little home town. It had been cats when she and Miss Theodosia returned from Spain, Belgian hares after their long stay in Egypt. Miss Theodosia herself had never tried mushrooms nor Belgian hares.