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"Oh! mamma, you can't be thinking of sending me to a convent!" cried Jacqueline, in tones of comic despair. "I did not say that but I really think it might be good for you to make a retreat where your cousin Giselle is, instead of plunging into follies which interrupt your progress." "Do you call Madame d'Etaples's 'bal blanc' a folly?"

I followed her round the cloister, and when the coast was clear, said, 'Hist, Madonna. She turned and looked at me with her eyes wide open. They are handsome eyes for a Sienese woman. That I allow. She said, 'Do you call me? Says I, 'I do. She says, 'Well? I reply, 'He is well if you are. 'Who, then? says she. I say, 'Your lover. This makes her jump like a flea on the bed.

This trench they call, as they do the heavens, Mundus; making which their center, they described the city in a circle round it.

A feeling came over him of bitter self-contempt, hitherto strange to him; and he understood for the first time how Philip could regard life as a burden and call it a malicious Danaus-gift of the gods.

The captain of the hooker, from the helm where he was standing, uttered a sort of guttural call somewhat like the cry of the American bird called the exclaimer; at his call the chief of the brand drew near, and the captain addressed him thus, "Etcheco Jaüna."

She performed the duties of a sister of charity; there was no one else in the country who could do it; there was but one physician, and he was densely ignorant. "That is Brigitte la Rose," said the child; "don't you know her?" "No," I replied in a low voice. "Why do you call her by such a name?"

On the tenth, he rode out as was his usual custom during the summer months, to spend the night at the Soldiers' Home, in the suburbs; but Secretary Stanton, learning that Early was advancing in heavy force, sent after him to compel his return to the city; and twice afterward, intent on watching the fighting which took place near Fort Stevens, he exposed his tall form to the gaze and bullets of the enemy in a manner to call forth earnest remonstrance from those near him.

It will quiet her system and produce sleep. If perspiration follows, we shall be on the right side. I will call in again through the day. If the pain in her side returns, send for me." The pain did return, and the doctor was summoned. He feared to strike his lancet again; but cupped freely over the right side, thus gaining for the suffering girl a measure of relief.

"And now," said Robert, whose face at these words took on a new animation, "call my confessor and the physician and summon the family, for the hour is at hand, and soon I shall not have the strength to speak my last words." A few moments later the priest and the doctor re-entered the room, their faces bathed, in tears.

I do not say that for certain logical purposes it may not be useful to treat propositions as absolute entities, with truth or falsehood inside of them respectively, or to make of a complex like 'that Caesar is dead' a single term and call it a 'truth. But the 'that' here has the extremely convenient ambiguity for those who wish to make trouble for us pragmatists, that sometimes it means the FACT that, and sometimes the BELIEF that, Caesar is no longer living.

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