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"Oh, the tall Englishman with the bright eyes and high forehead," said the French minister. "He is just arrived from the East, I believe." "It is a striking countenance," said Madame de Ventadour; "there is something chivalrous in the turn of the head. Without doubt, Lord Taunton, he is /noble/?"

In the open spaces along the water-front grass grew thick and tall as in a meadow, but in this narrow, crooked lane the wholesomer, sun-loving plants found little encouragement to existence. In their stead, pale-colored creepers mantled the house walls, and everywhere were moss stains and the spore of the various fungoid growths.

In response to his "Entrez!" the tall Nubian, whom he had seen in Cairo as the guardian of the Princess's household, appeared, his repulsive features looking, if anything, more ghastly and hideous than ever. "Madame la Princesse demande votre presence!" said this unlovely attendant of one of the fairest of women. "Suivez-moi!"

Landed the artillery, the soldiers, officers, and the Spanish Canon discharged the whole battery. Next morning, weighed at day dawn, with the trade for Jamaica, and soon I ost sight of the bright blue waters of Carlisle Bay, and the smiling fields and tall cocoa nut trees of the beautiful island.

But sitting in the nymph-hay sometimes on a day like this, as we were allowed to do; with just tall thin trees like poplars and cypresses round us: and the stream running through the long grass; and the birds, and the soft sky and the little breeze; and then peace in our hearts; and the love of the Saviour round us it seemed, it seemed as if God had nothing more to give; or, I should say, as if our hearts had no more space."

I have a secret to tell thee, but thee alone!" she cried, and spurted swiftly, gaining abreast of the main-chains. But the eyes of Venner and Pearse were fixed in astonishment upon the tall cliff they had left; their eyes stared amazedly, and they stood like statues, hearing none of her seductive words. "What do ye see?" she demanded, frowning up at them.

"There is nothing for you to do here," said Winter to her. Nevertheless he drew about him his grey and battered cloak and rose and called to his little bitter wind and up a side street that led northward strode away. Pieces of paper and tall clouds of dust went with him as far as the city's outer gate.

It is very rare that a tall woman has a perfect figure." Julie's own figure was quite perfect. "Do you remember Constance Vane? Nothing ever exceeded her beauty." Now Constance Vane she, at least, who had in those days been Constance Vane, but who now was the stout mother of two or three children had been a waxen doll of a girl, whom Harry had known, but had neither liked nor admired.

I told her you were seasick, and at the hotel, and my brother and I saw the card and we were looking for lodgings and all the rest, you know. She said yes, there were rooms and she'd call Sister. "Sister came and she was a love, tall and sweet and just beautiful, only she looked sad and wore a black dress.

Across the Old Town we meet the North Sea mist blowing up The Bridges, fighting high up with the tall arc lights.

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