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If I remember rightly, several of the elder children were converted during the revival at M.; and most of those who continued steadfast were, or had been, connected with the school, either as teachers or scholars."

"It is time that we dispersed," he said in Arabic, "unless we wish to get wet through. See how the sky has clouded over while we sat here. Remember, it is the year's first rain, which means a deluge." "He speaks truth" "Rain is coming" "See the clouds," cried one and another, peering out on the world.

Remember that Cosmo Mornington's will explicitly states that no heir's claim will be valid unless he is present at to-day's meeting." "And suppose he does not come?" asked the Prefect, thus showing that Don Luis's conviction had gradually got the better of his doubts. "He will come, Monsieur le Préfet. If not, there would have been no sense in all this business.

Does He not even in judgment remember mercy? Sensible that 'afflictions are but blessings in disguise, I would bless the hand that, with infinite kindness, wounds only to heal, and love and adore the goodness of God equally in suffering as in rejoicing.

McPherson's writing I know, and you mark that blot after his name? I remember his fussing that night because he had blotted the paper." "And the third name, is that the signature of this man, Richard Hobson?"

As I did not let go of the cloak, the shadow turned round; and I saw a terrible death's head, which darted a look at me from a pair of scorching eyes. I felt as if I were face to face with Satan; and, in the presence of this unearthly apparition, my heart gave way, my courage failed me ... and I remember nothing more until I recovered consciousness at the Setting Sun."

He sat, talking thus, resting his chin on his hands his eyes, calm and sweet, looking out westward where the sun was about an hour from the horizon. "Do you remember how we used to lie on the grass in your father's garden, and how we never could catch the sunset except in fragments between the abbey trees! I wonder if they keep the yew hedge clipped as round as ever."

We have begun to do the things we talked about up amongst the hills in the old days. Do you remember how we lay in the heather and the dreams we had? Actually I believe that they are coming true." Her dark eyes were soft with reminiscences and her face was brilliant with smiles. "It sounds delightful, cousin Douglas," she replied. "Oh, if only Joan would come to her senses.

Sanborn, who has come to call on you. You remember Mr. Sanborn, I am sure. You met him at dinner; and besides, I believe you had some correspondence with him, did you not? He has taken so much trouble, so very much trouble to see you that I think it a great pity his wish should not be fulfilled. Won't you sit down here, my dear?" She was staring at me, her eyes gone wide with wonder and horror.

It's not that she cares for him, you know. You must remember that. She has never even said a word of that kind. I haven't a doubt on my mind as to which she really likes best; but it's that stupid promise, and the way that George has had of making her believe that she is bound by the first word she ever spoke to a young man.