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What could have made her O, Eustacia! And when you found it out you went in hot haste to her? Were you too cruel? or is she really so wicked as she seems?" "Can a man be too cruel to his mother's enemy?" "I can fancy so." "Very well, then I'll admit that he can. But now what is to be done?" "Make it up again if a quarrel so deadly can ever be made up. I almost wish you had not told me.

He colored at the allusion to the presence of his known rival, though his companion was at a loss to discover whether pride or vexation was at the bottom of his emotion. "If Captain Ludlow prefer a cruise in the Indies, to duty on this coast, I hope he may obtain his wish," was the cautious answer. "Your liberal man enjoys a sounding name, and an empty coffer," observed the Alderman, drily.

I wish the reader to observe that I treasure up with interest all the words uttered by the Salesman. It must have been noticed that he very rarely speaks. Perhaps he has an inner life, with its own deep emotional, and lofty contemplative elements, but as we see him, he is the boarder reduced to the simplest expression of that term.

'I wish Gregorio would mind his own business, and not put such things in your head! burst out Nuttie. At which Mr. Egremont laughed longer and louder than ever. Poor Nuttie!

"Perhaps there is such a thing as being too fortunate, and getting satiated. I wish I could be steadfast, and firm, and faithful forever to one thing, like some men, but I can't. Sir Ronald's one of that kind, and so are you, Danton; but I " He threw his cigar into the water, and left the sentence unfinished. There was a long silence.

"My mother would like to see you, Tom and Lucy," she said. "Will you come upstairs? she is not able to leave the room, you know. Minnie, I wish you would look round for papa. It is just twelve; we should be going." Minnie scampered off, and Tom and Lucy followed Miss Keane up the broad staircase into the drawing-room, the beauty of which held them spellbound for a few minutes.

They were well behaved and courteous, and when we had intimated our wish to see the interior of the castle, a soldier soon appeared, with a large unlighted torch in his hand, ready to guide us.

'Let it go on, said Martin, rising. 'Let it go on! I sought to know your mind, my dear, and you have shown it me. I wish you joy. Joy! he repeated, looking full upon her, and pointing to the wicket-gate where Jonas entered at the moment. And then, without waiting for his nephew, he passed out at another gate, and went away. 'Oh, you terrible old man! cried the facetious Merry to herself.

Hear me, monsieur; you are young and I am old; I am older than my years, and they are sixty-seven; people take me for eighty. Age and misfortunes justify many things; but I will not make a plea of my whitened head; I wish to speak of yourself.

"I wish you to send a messenger to Marcus bearing a token from me to him." "A messenger! What messenger? Who can find him? I can despatch a soldier, but your Marcus is with the Essenes, who for their own sakes will keep him fast enough as a hostage, if they have cured him.