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He presented such a pitiable, famished appearance that those who saw him were afraid of him. They tossed him some food fifty yards away from the house, and the master of it kept guard over his door with a loaded gun." Florent stopped, his voice choked by emotion, and his eyes gazing blankly before him. For some minutes he had seemed to be speaking to himself alone.

The speech was given in full, down to that tremendous scene when half the House, distracted at last by the cries that grew nearer and nearer, and the messengers that appeared and reappeared from outside, had risen to its feet. And then The Cardinal leaned back suddenly, with a swift indrawing of his breath that was almost the first sign of emotion that he had shown. Monsignor looked up.

Columbus was not its discoverer, for Fallopius speedily showed that Avicenna and Albucasis had referred to it. The Arabs appear to have been very familiar with it, and, from the various names they gave it, clearly understood the important part it plays in generating voluptuous emotion.

Being so near her, under the same roof, with even the tie of a dubious secret between us, was making me heady. I pushed Forbes toward the door. "I interested!" I retorted, holding him by the shoulders. "There isn't a word in your vocabulary to fit my condition. I am an island in a sunlit sea of emotion, Sam, a an empty place surrounded by longing a "

He saw now she had been struck with a stone ax, a glancing blow, severe, but not necessarily fatal. "Probably trying to defend the boy!" thought he. "Brave heart! Faithful even unto death if death be your reward!" Leaving her, he returned to his wife. Now, he well understood, he had no time for emotion. There must be no false move.

Mr. Skinner coming in with a letter to Cappy, observed the old man's emotion and asked him if he was ill. "Yes, Skinner, I am," he replied. "I'm sick at heart. God has given me everything I ever wanted except six big strapping sons. Just think, Skinner, what a glorious honor would be mine if I had six fine boys to give to my country." His old lips trembled.

A moment later Babbie was on his knee, hiding her emotion in the front of his jacket, and he was trying his best to soothe her with characteristic Winslow nonsense. "You mustn't mind me, Babbie," he declared. "My my head ain't workin' just right to-day, seems so. I shouldn't wonder if if I wound it too tight, or somethin' like that." Babbie's tear-stained face emerged from the jacket front.

On the first day a Saracen prince, named Palamedes, obtained the advantage over all. They brought him to the court, and gave him a feast, at which Tristram, just recovering from his wound, was present. The fair Isoude appeared on this occasion in all her charms. Palamedes could not behold them without emotion, and made no effort to conceal his love.

"I am honored, too gloriously honored!" was the singular cry that escaped his lips, vainly seeking words to express an emotion of the unknown, "I am honored as the sun... and as the stars...!"

I was young enough to have an emotion about meeting a man of his renown, and innocent enough to believe the occasion would demand the display of an acquaintance with his "last." Corvick, who had promised a review of it, had not even had time to read it; he had gone to pieces in consequence of news requiring as on precipitate reflection he judged that he should catch the night-mail to Paris.

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