"You know them already." "Then, sir, am I compelled, against my will, to believe your motive is one that you have some powerful considerations for wishing to conceal," coolly returned the disappointed and even mortified governess "For your own sake, I hope it is not unworthy I thank you for all that is well intended; if you have spoken aught which is otherwise, I forgive it."

Our ancestors believed that he could fascinate any one with his glance, lure them after him, and then devour them that he changed his sex every year that he could transform himself into a comely youth, and thus beguile young maidens off into the woods to be eaten up that he could imitate the human voice perfectly that it was his custom to conceal himself near a house, listen until the name of one of the family should be mentioned, then call out as if for assistance, pronouncing the name he had heard, and imitating the cries of one in distress.

"Quick," said Sunbeam; "we must hasten up this stream which will conceal our footsteps, to the great river, where we can hide and rest in a great hollow tree which I found there," and on they went with their feeble remnant of strength.

The marshy shores were a perfect blaze of yellow wild flowers and it looked so jolly that I sat down on the water's edge and began to think things over. First I thought Mr. O'Brien over. Middle height, a beard, and an Irish brogue. Could the German accent have been put on to conceal the brogue? Looking to what I was doing myself, why not? Then I thought Dr. Rendall over.

"Thou shalt not consent unto him, nor hearken unto him; neither shall thine eye pity him, neither shalt thou spare, neither shalt thou conceal him: "But thou shalt surely kill him; thine hand shall be first upon him to put him to death, and afterwards the hand of all the people.

But you will get used to it if we remain in the country. Do you think you will dislike it?" "Oh no! It's very different." "Yes, it's different. He is very handsome, in a certain way." The daughter said nothing, and the mother added: "I wonder if he was trying to conceal that he had come second-cabin, and was not going to let us know that he crossed with us?" "Do you think he was bound to do so?"

Confess, Marianne, is not there something interesting to you in the flushed cheek, hollow eye, and quick pulse of a fever?" Soon after this, upon Elinor's leaving the room, "Mamma," said Marianne, "I have an alarm on the subject of illness which I cannot conceal from you. I am sure Edward Ferrars is not well. We have now been here almost a fortnight, and yet he does not come.

"It's useless to conceal it from me!" he burst out, turning toward Penrose. "I believe I am in some way answerable though you all deny it for the French boy's death. Why not? His voice is still in my ears, and the stain of his brother's blood is on me. I am under a spell!

High walls and fences shut out streets and contiguous things; and the shrubs and the trees, heightening and thickening toward the boundaries, conceal from view even the roofs of the neighbouring katchiu-yashiki. Softly beautiful are the tremulous shadows of leaves on the sunned sand; and the scent of flowers comes thinly sweet with every waft of tepid air; and there is a humming of bees.

He is only reckless when buying things for Ellice. He'll take care of her and the mine, too." Clement felt a certain incongruity every time he put on his miner's dress and went through the mine. "I'm too rough for her, too old," he kept thinking trying to conceal the real cause of his growing fear. He was not honest with himself. He fought round the real point of danger.