He had heard of it, talked of it, dreamed about it, but he had never no, he had never realized it. 'Tis always thus. Our conceptions of things that we have not seen are almost invariably wrong. Dick's eyes glittered, and his heart swelled, and his cheeks flushed, and his breath came thick and quick.

He flushed a little, and looked at me rather shamefacedly. "See here," he said, "I hope you're not making a bad bargain? I don't want to take advantage of a lady. If you think your brother...." "I was going to buy a Ford, anyway," I said, "and it looks to me as though this parcheesi of yours would be cheaper to run than any flivver that ever came out of Detroit.

Her face was brilliantly flushed; her eyes were dry and glittering; but she did not speak; her lips were set together almost as if she was pinching them tight to prevent words or sounds coming out. Cousin Holman's face expressed surprise and interest. 'Well! said she, 'who'd ha' thought it! He's made quick work of his wooing and wedding. I'm sure I wish him happy.

But what what ought she to do? What could she do then? She might slip out and offer her place to Cordelia. But the girls, and Alice Alice specially would be so angry. Oh, no, no, she couldn't; it wouldn't do to brave them like that! Looking up as she came to this conclusion, she saw Cordelia standing all alone, her face flushed with anger or mortification, perhaps both.

The November night air was cool on his flushed face and he strode swiftly toward his room, thinking of all the things that had happened to him in the few short weeks since he had come to Ridgley and of all the friends he had made. Never had he seen the campus so deserted; every one was at the mass meeting, it seemed. There were lights only in the entries of the dormitories.

Otherwise our first recollection would doubtless be of the grimly flushed large face of a resolute parent, bending hotly downward in effort to make both ends meet while we wambled and waggled in innocent, maddening sport. No wonder the antique schoolmen used to enjoy computing the number of angels that might dance on the point of a pin.

Deep in her heart, she carried both pity for Harry, and scorn for this foolish girl walking beside her, who could not recognize her good fortune when it cried out to her. They hastened back to the drawing-room; and at the same moment Tatham and Felicia walked in. Felicia advanced with perfect self-command, her small face flushed with pink by the motion of the car.

But you said it was your mother that must have been my Aunt Jessie! And you are my cousin, then? I have heard grandpapa speak of you. But you don't look bad, and he said " and there she suddenly stopped, while Owen's face flushed angrily with a sudden wave of resentment. "What did he say I want you to tell me?" he asked imperiously.

There stood Helene and the murderer had turned instinctively, with something like anxiety about these folk in his face. "What is it, dear?" asked the General. "Helene wants to go with him." The murderer's face flushed. "If that is how my mother understands an almost involuntary exclamation," Helene said in a low voice, "I will fulfil her wishes.

Balsam is one of the best surgeons anywhere," said Keith. "Oh, I know that old man. No doubt, he is good enough for little common ailments," said Mrs. Yorke, "but in a case like this! What does he know about surgery?" She turned back to her daughter. "I shall telegraph your father to send Dr. Pilbury down at once." Keith flushed at her manner.