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"I hadn't thought of that," Colin said, a little shamefacedly. "I suppose everything really is important, no matter how small." The professor smiled at him. "If you have much to do with studying fish," he said, "or, indeed, with any kind of science, you will find out it is always the little things that tell the story. Take the grain of wheat again.

It is significant that this is one of the six poems excepted by Mr. Masefield from the mass of Wordsworthian mediocrity. Shortly after its appearance, some one read it aloud to an intelligent woman; she sobbed unrestrainedly; then, recovering herself, said shamefacedly, "After all, it isn't poetry."

The very instinctive knowledge that her eyes were bent on his made him steal a glance at her in spite of himself. The next instant he was shamefacedly touching his hat. Though nothing was lost on her, Nan professed not to see the greeting. He even continued to dream she did not recognize him. Her eyes, in fact, were directed toward Sassoon, and when she spoke her tone was dry with suspicion.

They talk no longer of going out into the world and making their way; they used to strut arrogantly before the old folk and demand free play for their youth, but now they go meekly in harness with hanging heads, and blink shamefacedly at the mention of their one heroic deed. And those who cannot endure their fate must leave the country secretly and by night, or swear themselves free.

The Old Man climbed shamefacedly down, followed by the others. "Is that what you call 'getting put in the clear'?" asked she, genially. "I see now it means clear on the top rail." "You go back to the house and stay there!" commanded J. G., wrathfully. The boys were showing unmistakable symptoms of mirth, and the laugh was plainly against the Old Man.

He often runs down from town for a month or two at a time and takes out a temporary membership for our club." "And he has lent you this money?" "Yes" rather shamefacedly. "Well, he must be paid back at once. At once, do you understand? I will give you the twenty pounds you're not to bother your father about it." "Oh, Sara! You are a blessed duck!"

He paced up and down the bridge; he lit a cigar and threw it away again; he twice approached Captain Stillwell as though to give an order, and then, still in doubt, turned shamefacedly on his heel. "By the deep nine!" came the hoarse murmur of the leadsman.

To-day, while we were riding, I dropped some flowers out of my hair, and he picked them up, and asked if he might keep them, and and that's all," finished Kittie, quite shamefacedly. "How romantic!" sighed Kat. "He'll say something pretty soon, and I'm very glad. It would be dreadful for one of us to go, and not the other. But it all seems odd, doesn't it, dear?"

"I am no saint," he said, a little shamefacedly; "I am but a youth like thyself. Thou must not pray to me. But I will help thee all I may, and perchance some day, when this yoke be broken from off thy neck, we will ride forth into the world together, and do some service there for those who are yet oppressed and in darkness."

We stayed an hour at this sport, joined when school was dismissed by all the youth of Papenoo. Under twelve they bathed naked, but those older wore pareus. It was hard to keep on a pareu in a swift-running stream unless one knew how to tie it. I lost mine several times, and had to grope shamefacedly in the race for it, until finally Lovaina made the proper knots and turned it into a diaper.

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