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"Are you going to eat your duck?" asked Grandpa, when they were seated at the dinner table. "My, no!" answered Sunny Boy, shocked. He never believed that the chickens and ducks they had for Sunday dinners were the same pretty feathered creatures he saw walking about the farm.

I had nothing to depend upon but my own exertions." "You must be some relation to a duck," said Archie, speaking before he thought. "I suppose you mean to convey the idea that I am an excellent swimmer," said Arthur, turning around in his saddle, and looking sharply at Archie. "Yes; that's what I intended to say," replied Archie, demurely.

The evil was done, and it only remained for us to guard against the recurrence of a like misfortune. The poultry-yard was instantly transported to our new habitation, and we took care to surround it with thorns, to keep off the wolves, the foxes, and the tigers. Our two hens and the duck were placed in it till we could purchase others.

Not one of your silly, brainless chits who don't know the difference between lobster Newburg and canvas-back duck, and who prefer sweet champagne to dry. No, sir! Not one of your mincing, affected kind who pretend they never touch anything except a spoonful of cold consomme. No, sir! Good, healthy appetite. Enjoyed her food, and knew why she was enjoying it.

The girl must have come, of course, because of Jon; or, if not, at least to get something out of her. And June felt just then that to assist somebody was the only bearable thing. "So you've remembered to come," she said. "Yes. What a jolly little duck of a house! But please don't let me bother you, if you've got people." "Not at all," said June.

To their surprise Jim did not duck back at their return volley but fended off a couple of the shots with his forearm, and one he caught with his right hand as though it were a baseball, and hurled it back with a snappy, short arm throw that caught the thrower squarely on the thigh. "Hurrah for you, fellar!" yelled the crowd. Jim acknowledged the salute with a graceful wave of his hand.

"Why, of course, sir. My, what a dunder-headed beetle of a fellow I am. Cunning's the word." "Yes," said Mark, decisively now. "Now, my lads, quick. Off with those duck frocks, all of you, and make yourselves untidy-looking. Tom Fillot, get that American flag ready to hoist if she signals us, and send the blacks below, all but our two and their gang. Let them lie down on the deck."

To Westminster to Mr. Edward Montagu about business of my Lord's, and so to the Wardrobe, and there dined with my Lady, who is in some mourning for her brother, Mr. Saml. Crew, who died yesterday of the spotted fever. So home through Duck Lane' to inquire for some Spanish books, but found none that pleased me.

Mrs F , who has had much experience with poultry, considers them very sensible and kind-hearted birds. The leg of a young duck had been broken by an accident. She placed it in splints, and put the bird under a small crate, on a patch of grass, to prevent its moving about till it had recovered.

Besides, she had her own opinion as to the expressiveness of slang. Grandmother was a duck, a perfect "Take good care of yourself, dearie," the gentle voice was at that moment calling, "and if you stay over Sunday, send Grandmother a postal." Blue Bonnet promised, Denham touched the whip to the horses, and she and Aunt Lucinda were off. The first visit of the afternoon was to the school.

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