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Duvall himself joined the straggling crowd of sleepy passengers as they went aboard the steamer for Antwerp, his eyes searching every passenger about him for some sight of the one he sought. Once he thought he recognized the man, a long way off, going up the steamer's gang plank, but he could not be sure, in the flickering light, that he was right.

I knocked him down with that chair there.... then in my rage I emptied my pistol into the hearts of the whole gang.... that's all there's to it.... 'He's lying! 'Traitor! 'Betrayer! 'Down with the thief! flew back and forth from one to another above our heads.... Then in a more subdued voice we heard 'Hist! Silence!

Kells's face grew livid and his whole body vibrated. "Maybe one of Gulden's gang was outside, listening when we planned Cleve's job," he suggested. But his look belied his hope. "Naw! There's a nigger in the wood-pile, you can gamble on thet," blurted out the sixth bandit, a lean faced, bold-eye, blond-mustached fellow whose name Joan had never heard.

At length, however, he said "Now I think we are far enough away to permit of our talking freely without being either heard or seen; so go ahead, Reynolds, and give me the news. Has Turnbull's failure to return to the ship caused any uneasiness to the others of his gang?" "Well, it 'ave, and it 'aven't, if you can understand me, sir," answered the man.

Nancy soon reappeared, and familiarly taking the arm of Cornbury, led him to the eastern side of the platform, asking him many questions. As soon as he was there, the leader of the gang, followed by half-a-dozen of his men, rushed out and secured him. Cornbury now felt assured that all was discovered, and that his life was forfeited.

These fine virtues, then loyalty, honor, devotion are cultivated by the gang just at the time when the instincts for them are strongest, and at a time when no other agency is prepared to do the work.

If ye're comin' out bring along yer gat. Hey, Looey, got yer gun on? Some o' these other guys might git gay. They're comin' now." True enough, the Peruvian gang was jumping from its hut. With another glance at the prostrate Francisco to make sure he was unconscious, Tim whirled to meet them, fist on gun. "Halt!" he roared. "First guy passin' this corner post gits shot. Back up!"

Holland, and it is probably the work of a gang, but I am going to find out who this man is, if I have to spend twice as much as I have lost." The police were not encouraging. Detective Inspector Nash, from Scotland Yard, who had handled some of the biggest cases of bank swindles, held out no hope of the money being recovered.

She was still heading straight for the barque; and the telescope enabled them to see that her six sweeps were being vigorously plied; their long steady swing and the perfect time which was maintained in the working of them conclusively showing that they were being handled by a strong gang of men.

He nodded toward van Riebeek, standing guard over Kellogg and Mallin, his thumbs in his pistol belt. "Ours. He's quit the Company." Just as he was finishing, Car Three put in an appearance; he had to tell the same story over again. The area in front of the Kellogg camp was getting congested; he hoped Mike Hennen's labor gang would stay away for a while.