She would not only have died with him, but she would have died for him, if need had been. What might he give in return for what she gave? The Notary interrupted his thoughts. He had lain watching Charley for a long time, his brow drawn down with thought. At last he said: "Monsieur, you have been good to me." Charley laid a hand on the sick man's arm. "I don't see that.

"Put on your white dress. I like it," was what he said. Having understood this Princess Mary sobbed still louder, and the doctor taking her arm led her out to the veranda, soothing her and trying to persuade her to prepare for her journey.

On the verandah, in face of the vasty, star-spangled night, Tilly's head had found its resting-place, and an arm lay round her waist. "I shall make 'im cut off 'is beard first thing," said Jinny that night: she was sitting half-undressed on the side of a big bed, which the three girls shared with one another.

I get f-faint sometimes my head, I think, the faintness came on me in the s-street to-night, and I f-fell, I think." "Indeed, yes, sir," added Mr. Bimby with a little bow, "it was so I found you, sir." "Ah, yes, you were kind to me, I remember you have my g-gratitude, sir. Now, Beverley, give me your arm, I I oh, God help me!"

March called to her, drawing the shawl out of the chair next her own. "Mr. March is wandering about the ship somewhere." "I'll keep it for him," said Miss Triscoe, and as Burnamy offered to take the shawl that hung in the hollow of her arm, she let it slip into his hand with an "Oh; thank you," which seemed also a permission for him to wrap it about her in the chair.

I will accept that one sentence as his considered verdict; no greater tribute could be paid by a man to a woman. At first he did not fully grasp that the Madame of that Sunday, the real Madame, was wholly different from the one he had known before. As they sat together upon the cliffs towards Rottingdean, he slipped his arm about her waist. Gently, but very decidedly, she removed it.

It was only when the last witness, who came up at the moment, remarked upon the queer manner in which his lordship held his arm, that he saw it was lying idle. Not a thing more could he or would he tell. It was all he knew, he said, and would swear it was all. He went back to Calne with the last witness, and never saw his lordship again alive.

He took a step forward and gripped her arm. "Where are you going? Answer me." She hardly knew his voice, and his eyes were like a stranger's, as she shrank back from him with a low cry of fear. "Where are you going?" But there was no need for her to answer; he knew without a word being spoken.

Ussher's arm fell from the fair girl's waist as he answered, "Never fear, dear, don't you speak to him; leave him to me." By this time, Thady had nearly joined them. "Is that you, Feemy, here at this hour? What the d are you doing there, this time of night? Here, take my arm, and come home; it's time you had some one to mind you, I'm thinking."

We stood by the cot as though waiting for him to make us a sign that he wanted to be left alone. The captain threw his arm over my shoulder and said in my very ear: "The steward'll find him in the morning." "I made no answer. It was for him to say. It was perhaps the best way. It's no use talking about my thoughts.