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Tante said it was the only meal most of them had during the day. After her work was over she and I went into a little room to talk. I knew she wanted to ask me about you 'her baby, she called you. When I told her you were well and happy she broke down and sobbed 'thank God! "She told me that her mother was dead and that her brother's wife and her little family were on a farm in northern France.

'And the child's heart, said Polly, drawing her to her breast: 'the little daughter's heart was so full of the truth of this, that even when she heard it from a strange nurse that couldn't tell it right, but was a poor mother herself and that was all, she found a comfort in it didn't feel so lonely sobbed and cried upon her bosom took kindly to the baby lying in her lap and there, there, there! said Polly, smoothing the child's curls and dropping tears upon them.

"He is well," he said, "but his heart suffers." "I know it, I know it," sobbed the wife, "but come in, Alain; come in and take some repose." With which she led him into the room, and up to the hearth where sate the wilful beauty. "Marguerite," she said, "do you not see Alain le Gallais?"

Neither spoke until they passed the spot where the red touring car lay on its side in the ditch, and four or five dogs, still hungry and hopeful, wrangled over a few bare bones. Juliet was sniffing audibly, and, as soon as she saw the wreck, burst into tears. "Oh, Romie," she sobbed, "if he's dead, we've killed him!"

She seemed much amused. You wouldn't have believed that this superior quizzical woman who tapped her fingers carelessly on her slim exquisite knee had ever sobbed in the night. "Oh, that wasn't a personal question," she said. "I just wanted to know what you're like. Don't you ever collect people?

The whole lower world, the roofs of the station, the railway line, the sands beyond, lay clear before her in the moon. Then her nerve gave way. She laid her head against the stones of the engine-house and sobbed. All her self-command, her cool clearness, was gone.

We'll have a try some other day." Poor little Bert, by this time thoroughly weary, was only too glad to turn homeward, and the relief at doing this gave him new strength for a while. But it did not last very long, and soon, footsore and exhausted, he dropped down upon a bank of moss, and burst into tears. "Oh, Charlie, I wish we were home," he sobbed. "I'm so tired, and hungry, too."

I don't want to be married at all." She ended with a swift rush of irrepressible tears. It was out at last, this trouble of hers that had been gradually growing behind the barrier of her reserve, and it seemed to burst over her in the telling in a great wave of adversity. "I've done nothing but make mistakes," she sobbed "ever since Daddy died." Dr. Jim got up quietly to lock the door.

It can't be helped, you know; and we have our dear papa and Mamma Vi, and the little ones left. Besides, Maxie will come home again to visit us one of these days." "Oh, but he'll never live at home with us any more," sobbed Gracie; "at least I'm afraid he won't; and and oh, I do love him so! and he's the only big brother we have."

Should this be so, I pray that you will not stay here, either in the hope of rescuing me, or for other reasons; since, while you are in Spain, Morella will not cease from his attempts to get hold of you, whereas in England you will be safe from him." When Margaret heard these words she sobbed aloud, for the thought that harm might come to Peter seemed to choke her.