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Nor could Tom Rand help him by pressing on the end. The diver could not lean forward far enough. "I've got to do it all by myself," thought Joe grimly. Again and again he pried with all the force he dared use. Something tapped him on the shoulder. He looked around to see the diver beckoning to him.

But this time his scheme of defence did not work as well as usual, for the sharp little nose dug into the snow and wriggled its way closer and closer to where the jugular vein was waiting to be tapped. That fisher must have understood his business, for he had chosen the one and only way by which a porcupine may be successfully attacked. For once in his life our friend was really scared.

Cleek looked at him out of the corner of his eye moved in spite of himself hesitated a moment and then, obeying an impulse, leaned over and gently tapped him on the shoulder. "Dollops, shake hands," he said. "Sir!" "Shake hands." "Gawd, Gov'nor! You don't never mean that, sir?" "Shake hands," said Cleek for the third time.

The instant he threw a glass, the barkeeper tapped him with a "billy"; then a policeman took him in tow, and the following morning, Dirty Dan, sick, sore, and repentant was explaining to a police judge that he was from Port Agnew, Washington, and really hadn't meant any harm.

Gus asked, pointing to a leather-shielded flask which Hazard was securely fastening in his shirt pocket. "Dutch courage, of course," was the reply. "We'll need all our nerve in this undertaking, and a little bit more, and," he tapped the flask significantly, "here's the little bit more." "Good idea," Gus commented.

After much impressive fumbling of keys and opening of locks, the stained and aged document was spread before us. The guide's eyes sparkled. He danced about us and tapped the parchment with his finger: "What I tell you, genteelmen! Is it not so? See! handwriting Christopher Colombo! write it himself!" We looked indifferent unconcerned.

A triangle marked the measures, and Reginald's red shoe tapped the floor beneath his long red cloak. The two who sat upon the divan were talking in what they thought to be a very low tone, but when suddenly the music ceased, Patricia's voice could be plainly heard. "Why, Arabella!" she said, and then, surprised at hearing her own voice, she said no more.

They had a strangely familiar look.... Suddenly he jerked open a drawer of his desk, on which his new noiseless typewriter stood, selected a sheet of plain white bond, and rolled it into the machine. Quickly he tapped out a copy of the strange, taunting message. Yes!

She kissed me on top of the head. "You're both two big, silly babies, that's all you are." It was dawn when I returned to my tent, pulled the flap aside, fell, exhausted, on my cot in dreamless sleep.... How was it all going to end? It seemed to me that I had tapped violent, subterranean currents in life and passion, that I had not hitherto known existed....

He had delivered his speech in a quaint, quick way, as though addressing a jury, and when he had finished, he sat down again, and nodded his head, and tapped a foot on the floor; and the Cure did the same, looking inquiringly at De la Riviere. This was the first time there had been trouble in the little coterie. They had never differed painfully before.